Wednesday, 31 August 2011

with cows as well

cows in the star!

better corners
I am very frustrated today. Rethreading my needle and bobbin threads umpteen times, it sews beautifully for about 10 seconds and then the bottom tension goes tight and I have to unpick everything three times! I could strangle her if she only had a neck!

Frustration, frustration frustration. Not a lot to show for a day off. Not even one square.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

It's a wrap!

flying geese, points working!

points on star- not working!
The latest block, which I really enjoyed making.
Do I dare confess though? I didn't use any of the methods we were being taught! Oh shame!
Instead I used a method I came across from  piecemealquilts.. She gives a lovely tutorial on her methods on a post on May 25th this year. I used her 'dimensional method'. It gives a beautifully crisp goose, with only one seam, but is a little bulky, and uses as much fabric as the corner to corner method. And I am obviously not accurate enough to get really good points on my star.

I think I will do another of these blocks, using the corner to corner method, and putting the border the other way out. Leila was right though, the colour choice is incredibly important on this one!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

catching up blocks!

catching up time! Well we will see if I can...

              This is Arizona Star. Lots of fiddly half square triangles!                                and Bow Tie to follow
. Ok the computer is not exactly co-operating just now so this is going to be worse than usual....

  Cows are for a special project!

this is the Virginia Star- I will have to check these labels as I may be getting them the wrong way round.....

detail of a point which worked!
and a corner which pleased me!

and the next block is     being difficult, and refuses to load, I shall come back later to sort it!

This is the 'breaking out block. For some reason, I found this a very difficult block, and it has ended up a tad small. I shall have to be very careful when sewing this one into the finished quilt top. I also got it very wrong, in that I planned to have the dark geese in the middle, and they ended up on the outside. But I really like it..... so serendipity.

the blocks thus far
all except 'breaking out'

There are a couple more cow blocks, and I must get on with the rest of them!
cows in the garden?

Lisnaweary giveaway!

I have just come across a giveaway, on this website,
I would love so many of the things that could be included in it, it is hard to choose!What a lovely notion. And I might end up spending more because of it. Where is the self control!
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