Saturday, 31 March 2018

Little bits...

So I decided to make another wallet, for a daughter. I was not at all sure if she would go for it, but an hour or so after receiving it she was quietly transferring stuff into it, so I guess she was quietly pleased!
 You may notice, this is the same fabric as the bag she was given at Christmas. I think that bag was a tad small, so is not seeing a lot of use. I hope this will be more useful.

This comes from the Zakka style book,  but this time I took fewer liberties with the pattern.

Yes, I did sew the binding onto the outer before I sewed on the zip, which definitely made life easier.

Another time? I would insert the zip pocket before cutting the outer to size, as it was just a scrap tight, so came out overall a little smaller than it would have done.

I love that the whole thing opens out flat,


 And did you see these wee cuties? On the zip pull? 

Dead simple to make- a bit fiddly, but not difficult. A pin from pinterest gave the instructions, but lots of pictures made it simple to follow. 

I am planning a couple more of these, but will need to go and get longer zips than those I have currently in stash.  Who has a zip stash?? Me, I am afraid. Guilty. I hate being stymied in a project because I need a different zip!

And then I spent a bit of time this morning, dressing a wee bear. 

This chap came with a new car. But he was all naked except for a bow. He told me he did not wish to remain bare, as well as bear... so could he please have a waistcoat? 

And here it is. 

Isn't he a happy chappie now? I hope he does not also now demand trousers.

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Katrina said...

Your bear looks very finely dressed now. Very handsome!

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