Sunday, 9 September 2018

belated- yes I went to FoQ this year...

Well, I am sure you have seen the pictures elsewhere, so you will excuse my lack of them sooner. If you are bothered at all.
I did take some pictures of these jackets. Which I was rather beguiled by. Yes, a bit of me covets this, but I could make something like it if I wanted, but when would I wear it?  I am just not sure.

 Here is the back. so much work went into this lovely item. I love it!

And this is striking in it's red and black drama. less wearable somehow than the previous one, but still amazing. 

 I saw many, many quilts. Lots of talent, lots of imagination, almost nothing I felt I wanted to take an image of. But this one, I liked the flow, and the feel of it.

I attended a lecture by Ricky Timms. I was not sure what to expect from it, but he was excellent- a good and entertaining speaker, with some intriguing ideas to bring into play sometime... If you get the chance-go!

I took a class while I was there. Jenny Raiment was doing a twiddle workshop. It was only an hour, but you came away with a 'good start' on a patch suitable for a small cushion cover.

I came home and finished it. Quilted it some, and did a back. I also bought the bits fro a second one while there. Jenny had cut too many, and sold three spares to us, for a very reasonable fee- thanks Jenny. So I got one, and made up the front of that. 
My DD2 came for the weekend, and promptly adopted the first, so I finished the second and it also went off to hers. She has a couple of cushions, supplied with her furnished flatwhich she was not loving the covers of, so these have brightened her life a wee bit. 

The quilting on the back was just me, playing and taking whichever turn I fancied. She likes it, so that is good. I used a variegated thread, which just lifts the whole thing withouit screaming at you.
I need a LOT more practice with piping, but DD2 will excuse my inadequacy there!

Following from that, I started a belated gift, for a friend.
I used Jenny's technique for the corners, and appliqued a heart in the centre.

A simpler approach to the back

I think I got good value from that workshop? 

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Diane-crewe said...

your projects look great .. now wonder they were snapped up x I have not been to FOQ the last couple of years .. I found it had just got too big and overwhelming x.. glad you enjoyed it x

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