Wednesday, 24 January 2018

So how long does a UFO wait?

There are projects. And then, there are PROJECTS.
You get so far and somehow do not make further progress. They stall somewhere between a partial finish and a complete one. So, the first one is a quilt along. From the lovely Crazymomquilts.  Now I know she was doing it in 2008, but I am not certain when DD2 and I decided to have a go. And I have no idea how I came across it.
 So here, I proudly present.... Drum roll..... Trumpets....  our Star quilt!

Here laid out on the sewing room floor. It has many many faults. Points that are nowhere near pointy, seam allowances that wander to and fro, squares that fail in the first requirement- to be square-ish... But, when I look at it all laid out, I feel good!

 and laid on DD2's bed
 All rolled up- that is obligatory isn't it?

And, in the scene of crime!

I shall see if my DD2 can recall when we got it going, but I reckon it is at least 5 years ago.

And then...

This piece of work resurfaced when I was doing a clear out of the sewing room. This is almost a piece of history. It will have been worked in the days before I had children. That places it over 30 years ago. I worked it, and put it away so that I could do something with it - eventually. I am pleased to say, eventually has appeared! I had just finished the quilt, and this sat waiting my pleasure. Now, when I was doing my clearance, I also found a number of oddments of velvet. I thought one of them might just come in for this treasure.. I auditioned a couple of colours, and settled for this one..

I have mitred corners, while ensuring the nap runs correctly, and inserted a zip at the bottom, other than that, keep it simple.
I suspect I shall rehome it with a friend because of the colourway, but it may just quietly sit in the hall here, and grow good.

Two finishes in one day, and just before the next costume marathon begins! Roll on costumes!


Diane-crewe said...

it doe not matter how long it takes ... as long as you find a use for it.. eventually x Don't be looking for "faults" love the finished project and celebrate the finishing xx

Laura said...

Both are lovely! I am on a mission to complete projects this year and am really striving to stay in the place where I can accept that done is better than perfect. Like you, I feel good when I see a finished project laid out and complete!

Pam @Threading My Way said...

WOW!!! Great job keeping a project for 30 years and then finishing it. The star quilt is stunning!!! Can't see any faults from where I'm sitting. I love it. I've just re-started a quilt my daughter and I began nearly 5 years ago - pin basted it today. I'm on the down hill run.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Hooray for completed UFOs!!!

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