Saturday, 24 October 2020

Missing in the post.

In the summer, friends of ours were celebrating their Ruby anniversary. We were invited, by the organisers, their children, to attend the celebration. Then Coronavirus hit! No celebration. Oh. 
There is, however, no reason to not make and post a gift. 

This is a reiteration, with variation, of course, of another friend's Ruby Wedding gift. This is what came out of my sewing room

The back is modern, and simple. 

The front is more detailed

So, you then wrap and post it, with a letter, somewhat later than you should because the ooomph to get it done is absent, and you sit back and await news of its arrival. 

And it does not arrive. 

Posted first class, and now the Royal Mail have lost it. It is not the first time the Royal Mail have lost my packages. I have even stopped using one post office in particular because so many of my postings have gone astray. This was not from that one, but again it is lost. Tracking tells me that it will update once delivery has been attempted. 

I can, of course claim 'compensation' Except that they require proof of value. And a hand created special gift will not have a receipt that you can handily take a photo of. So, no possible compensation. Of course, what I want is for the gift to arrive. I do not really wish for compensation, I really wish that someone out there in the sorting offices would find and deliver the parcel. No way to request that on the website. 

I had seen a drunkards path variation on the internet, and I have cutters for Drunkards path, so I thought I would have a bash at it. I have learnt from this one and would trim my blocks rather more if I did this again. The challenge was in the working out the first version though, so I doubt I would do this again.

Quite pretty though. 


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Katrina said...

Grrr, I hope the lost post turns up soon

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