Friday, 27 September 2013

Holiday over, back to reality

You may have noticed I have been just a little quiet over the last week... That is because I have been away, and out of range of sewing machines and computers, for the most part.

Can I bore you rigid with holiday snaps?
ok then, here we go!

left by the maid
Underground city,

 Cliff dwellings, and churches..

Tribute to a street cleaner?  
Beware of low flying cats!

anyone want a clean plate, for breakfast? 

 Ok, that is one big sheepskin coat! If it was on his shouders, it would trail on the floor! 

I confidently anticipate a little more sewing soon.. Just as soon as I recover from the holiday- it was great, and I loved it, but I am now exhausted!


Caroline said...

Th underground city looks amazing, maybe not as good as the kissing swans but amazing! ;)

cheeky monkey said...

You are so lucky! I missed you but you are excused. Lovely pics and the sun is shining! Looks like you had a great time and did not need the sheep coat

Catherine said...

Looks fabulous-where have you been?

Sarah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah said...

Looks like a really interesting place to visit. Where in the world were you?

Di said...

Looks like a fab holiday and really interesting places/things to see. Di x

Isisjem said...

I had been admiring these snaps as they popped up in flickr but can't work out where you've been. I think oh it must have been...and then I think maybe not! I think it's somewhere like Turkey.

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