Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Aprons and all sorts

 I got a parcel!
Ok, let me bore you with the details. Please.

I arrived home from work on Thursday. A card had been poked through the letterbox, from Mr Postie, to the effect that he had a parcel, that was too big to go through the letterbox. So he left the card instead.

On Friday, I had to go to work again, and my DH was away, so no parcel collecting going on that day.

Now, I normally work on a Saturday. However.. I had taken Saturday off. Because I was off for the weekend myself. Off to visit my DD1. A long drive up to St Andrews, so starting at the crack of dawn.

The Post office depot doesn't open until 8.00am, so I was there, not long after that, collecting a HUGE box, which had to go in the boot- or I would have had to open it then and there, and delay my journey even more!

When I got to DD's house, I brought in my box! So excited- though I was not at all sure what might lurk- far too big a box for a mere apron, after all!

No mere apron here! Parcels, beautifully wrapped in lilac tissue paper.

First out- a ziplock bag of home made oatmeal and raisin chewy cookies! Yummy!-

Then a flat little soft packet. Out of which came matryoshkas! A beautiful oven mitt, FMQed all over, so evenly! and home made bias round that curve, aren't they lovely?
and the obverse? Those delicious onion domes!

I really think this is too good to use! It is wonderful!

But more! there is also another parcel in there! My apron has arrived!

That lovely turquoisey blue! and those inverted pleats. Topstitched, a lovely pocket, and a ring detail with a grommet in , Lovely, well thought out and well executed. I love it!
And the recipe?

Well, there were two! Both look great! we shall have to have a go!

Now, didn't I get the luck!  Worth waiting for!

Thank you, partner, Silly Banana.

I hope I will have a few more pictures of this apron- they will go in another post, when I get them!

Home today, a good long drive, but surprisingly easy in the event, and then, I made a new block. I have some exceedingly pretty- sugar pretty, if you know what I mean- fabric, set aside for some time, waiting for the right inspiration- well someone gave me that inspiration today!

I have had this 'pinned' for some time, with every intention of having a go at some of them. Today I made the pinwheel block. Really quite simple, except- I had to size it up. I wanted 12.5" unfinished and these call in at 11". That 3D pinwheel really sang to me- there will be a few more blocks from this set appearing soon!

 I know we are still in April- just- but the new block for May has been posted on the Stash bee, and as it looked fairly straightforward, I thought I should give it a go.

We have been asked to make asterisk blocks, with a predominantly Red, white and blue theme, using Kona white as our asterisk. Red White and blue for USA. Also, of course, for the UK, and for France, and - just saying! It occurs to me it might be fun to do one with white as the triangles, and a colour for the asterisk, but, not what was requested, so...

They were going together reasonably well- no not perfect, but not far off, when, splurt!

The iron decided, for no very good reason, that it would spit dirty water onto this one! It will probably wash out- but, what would you do. Make a new one? Wash it and see? Or send it just like this, on the grounds that they said to make as many or few as you wish, and she can throw it out if she wants to?

Thoughts are welcomed!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Update on Robins

Yes, I have seen Mr or Mrs Robin hopping out of the greenhouse! so I am trusting all will be well.

Now all we have to do, is NOT TELL GENNY!

They would not easily recover from a visit from her!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Criminal activity

I confess all. It was me. And I am really sorry, I did not mean to do it, but cannot take it back. Sorry.

Well, it was a lovely day. And I have almost been all round the back garden, so the greenhouse really needed some attention. It did! I had just thrown stuff in there, and left it, and it all needed washing and tidying and a right good sort out.

Did you ever get one of those upside down tomato planters? Well, I was given one. And it sort of worked. After a fashion. Two Years Ago.
So that was thrown in with the rest. And, having a throwy outy fit, I thought,I would just throw it out.

And then I found out what I had done. In that tomato planter someone very small has built a nest. And laid eggs. Tiny weeny eggs. All safe and secure in that forgotten corner of the greenhouse. Ouch.

So, I have tried to put it back where I found it. I have stopped clearing the greenhouse, and I will hope that Mr and Mrs Robin ( I think it is the Robins, but it may be the Wrens) will come back and not be too upset.

So, There, I have confessed. And I will keep a sideways eye on things and let you know if anything sensible happens, or if it is the disaster I am expecting.

 And as you may know- or not-  I have joined a basket swap. Well, I wanted an excuse to make one, and someone nameless put me on to it, so I did. And thought a trial run was in order. So, offcuts from other stuff, and a basket appears.

Quite small, but a fun size to make, and I hope it will be usable.

Only small problem, was getting an accidental pleat in the bottom.

This is how it ought to look.

So a little seam ripping later, and I managed to ease it out OK!

But that is all the sewing here lately! Garden has had its attention!

What a shame, I cannot offer this alternative accommodation to Mr and Mrs Robin... But I think they prefer to choose their own.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Apron news

  At the end of last week, I achieved a little sewing. The weekend was slightly busy, so nothing there, but these happened Thursday and Friday

I think this is not the most exciting apron in the world, but it seemed to fit what my partner said she wanted. There is a triple pocket, and a good long pair of strings, so it should tie round the front if desired.

I feel I should have been a bit more inventive, but I hope she will like it!

Then I made another block for the round the world quilt. This is an extra block, for one I had already made, because they seem to have vanished off the face of the earth, and the 'owner' really needs to have some more started to get things moving again.

I could not just make the same again, as I had run out of some fabrics, but this should work, and if the rest all turn up again, it will be a good addition- bonus block.

I have joined another little swap- I have never made a fabric basket, though DD2 has, but the swap arose, and I got tempted. Not finished this one yet, and already signed up for the next! There are sign ups until Friday- so if you fancy a fabric basket swap, have a look here, and sign in!

And then May is hosting a text fabric charm swap, there are a few spots left- so jump in there too if you want, I am sure she will be glad to see you!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

bee-ing good

  A day off yesterday, and I managed to pack in quite a bit.
 First, I did a bit more in the garden, and then off out for a rather pleasant Italian lunch out with my parents, and my OH. Very good- we went there before and they still haven't banned us!

Last time, we had the penne pasta with chicken, but with spaghetti instead of penne,  and this time we had the shellfish salad platter, without the salad, but with spaghetti instead....

I think our days are numbered, we will be 'persona non grata' if we keep it up...

Anyway, After coming home, a little more garden, and then some sewing!
The top block is for the quilt around the world bee, with a theme of Aqua, grey and yellow. The pattern is ' Contrary wife' from Quilters Cache. there are many possibilities for a complete quilt with this block. Another one for the list!

And the lower block is a 'Hipbee' block, for Karen. This is a really quick and easy block to put together.

It was lovely to receive the fabrics and get the block made on the same day. And the white background has a lovely slub to it. I think it will look light and bright, and give joy when she gets it all done.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

small pieces of joy!

It was a lovely day, and I spent a good bit of it in the garden. As I was clearing up, I found a couple of real scraps of joy, have a look!
 Scillas, I think
'double' primroses

so my garden now looks much better,

just do not look round the corner!

I haven't got there yet!  call it a work in progress...

Only a little sewing today- experimenting with a pattern for the apron swap!
yes, ready to fly.......bit more flap there.... hup, hup huuuuup

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

monday stitching

 Our  Round the world bee seems to have hit a little hiatus, I have received no blocks to progress since before Christmas. However, I do know the order of the blocks, and some of them can be made without reference to the blocks already done.

Anita asked for a 'neighbourhood block' some building or scene that would represent where we are, and that she can assemble all the different blocks to make a unified quilt, from all our neighbourhoods.

In January I took a couple of photographs at work, in the snow. So when I was trying to choose what to make for her, this image came to mind- after much sifting of thoughts, and comparing of many images - possibly four images?

I like the drama of the trees, and the building just to the right of that further tree has an interesting roof. So that became the inspiration for this block.

Yes, I know, the block is nothing like the photo, but it still came out of that image!

And I like the cold and snowy feel of it, and Anita likes it too, so that is another one done!

what is next? an aqua grey and yellow block, and then a pinwheel or star. Just do not expect too quick action!

On another note, my crafty DD2 made the most delicious Easter eggs.
 She blew the eggs, I find that a very tricky operation, but she did it very quickly and neatly.

Eggs were well washed, and then dyed with food colouring. They came out amazing jewel colours- I think vinegar was involved?

She then filled the eggs, with a sort of truffle mixture. Very delicious, and she left these two behind, and I am the greedy one who is eating both! well, I have eaten one, and have the other in my sights for tomorrow!

I promise, very nice indeed!

Monday, 1 April 2013

Fresh sewing day

It seems I had very little sewing in March. Now why would that be?

Oh yes, because my sewing machine misbehaved and had to go back to the repair man. Again. She is a dream, and I do love her, but twice? And for a fault that they say doesn't often happen? each time- two different faults that do not often happen?

Oh well, she is back now, and I can sew again.

So, all I can show for March is
 this cloak for 'Brian the Lion'

and a small Easter egg substitute, for DD2

but why not jump on the band wagon, and join up with Lynne for Fresh sewing day, again.

What did you manage in March?
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