Saturday, 30 March 2013

Breaking news, cat uses litter tray!

 Instead of an Easter egg, DD2 requested a home made purse. Her present purse has a clip, and tends to open randomly and spill its contents. So a zip top version was preferred, and duly produced. Not brilliant, but it functions.

Little pockets made putting the zip in rather more awkward, but I trust it is going to be secure enough for purpose.

I have been procrastinating. I have had the makings for ages, but have only just got round to making the cloak requested for ' Brian the Lion'

Morris sides generally have a 'fool' and sometimes they also have an animal, to interact with any audience they may encounter. Thelwall recently decided to resurrect their animal and so the lion came back into play. Someone else has made the head, and I was volunteered to do the cloak.

That fur fabric is really thick and heavy and a pig to sew. It takes only those stitches it wants to, meaning seams have to be sewn several times. It is very heavy, which means it is as difficult to manhandle as a big quilt. And, of course, I now have a house full of fluff!

Maroon, blue and gold are the  Thelwall colours, so I have picked those up on the collar. That lion will be very cosy!

My DH has also been volunteered to join in with 'pace egging' He was given the part of the 'Black Knight'. This involved, dressing in black and blacking up.

He gets killed and, officially, carried off. I do not think there were any volunteers to carry this particular black knight off.
So, they decided to use a stretcher. Two poles and a blanket, and roll the dead knight on, pick up the poles and leave the scene. Leaving behind, one black knight, on blanket.

Black knight, looks up, says, 'oh, s%$*&' and gets up, picking up blanket and 'hiding' behind it, and shuffles off sideways. Mission accomplished.

Those of a delicate disposition, look away now!

Litter tray news!  We are using it!

  Ok, so that shouldn't be a surprise. But Genny is getting old. And for a few ( most) years she has declined use of litter tray, preferring to go outside. We have kept the litter tray going, for cold weather, and her getting caught short, but she has not bothered. Then recently she has apparently decided not to get her bottom cold. But to go indoors. In the kitchen. Leaving a most unpleasant aroma. Not in the tray, but just in a corner. Not nice.

So, I eventually twigged, and moved the litter tray to where she goes. Not my preferred position, but HER preferred position. And she is using it. Of course, this means I will have to clean it out more often, but if it saves the smells...

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

thinking aloud..

 What goes on in your bathroom? No,  not quite so much detail, thank you!

I have chilli peppers growing in mine. I am sure they are not supposed to be perennial, but these  are nearly a year old now, and produce peppers, one at a time...

Not for me, a bountiful crop, all coming on the plants together, no, I have four plants, and currently three fruit. I am doing it wrong- or they are.
 Seriously, how long may they carry on growing and fruiting?

Perhaps I will find out.

 But I baked today, no sewing, but home made biscuits. With choc chips, walnuts and cranberries.  We shall see if there are any left by the time my DD2 comes home on Friday!

Little Miss Muddy Paws has been playing in the bath. Again. Why are cats paw prints actually not quite easy to clean off the edge of the bath?

She is not supposed to wish to bathe, but I have caught her in the bath a couple of times. Funny girl.
I have been playing with ideas for the Apron swap, and also considering fabrics. I plan to shop for fabric this weekend. I have been not sewing generally- trying to be good, and do some of the dreaded housework, but I must get back to it- I am in danger of being houseproud , and that is not my scene!

so I shall start considering fabric combinations, and styles of print, and what will work with which shape of apron, for my mysterious partner.

'Tis fun though! Just planning.

Sewing soon!

Friday, 15 March 2013


Yes, the boiler is back in working... sort of order. It bangs as it ignites! Now to bleed the towel rail, and we will be getting there!

A quick word for anyone in the area,  Patchfinders is having their one day 20% off sale on Saturday 23rd March, if you live close enough. They then close for stocktaking, for some days so, if you want fabulous choice and a bargain price- head in on Saturday next week!  That is Cheadle-ish area.

And Julie, from Intrepid thread is doing a mad! There is this awesome tool, where you upload a photo, and it turns it into a colour palette? So she has challenged us, to load our photo, and put the result onto her flickr group, and her staff- sounds posh Julie- will choose a short list, and the winner will be voted  upon.

Having lost most of my photos last year, with a mega computer crash, I only have a poor selection to play with, but it is surprising what comes out,
 These are some of my holiday snaps from the autumn.

I do not imagine I have any winners here, but it is a fun tool!
 These are pomegranates, growing and glowing.

 The church of St George

 And while I am about it,  Maureen is doing a giveaway as well, with lovely grey and yellow fabrics!

And do go and see what Lucy has been up to-  I am not convinced I am ready for Le Challenge, but you may be, so go and have a look.

Sorry if this is a bit incoherent, but it is time to head up the stairs, on my way to sleepy time... Just a bit overexcited by the palettes... Sorry.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Our boiler has given up. Oh it could be worse- It is not snowy, and it is not as cold as it might be, and I think it has taken me four days to notice- but, our boiler has given up!

Well, I noticed on Monday, that the heated towel rail was not as warm as usual. but just assumed my DH had played with the timer on the system... I have such faith... and, we are lucky enough to have underfloor heating, so I also noticed the floor in the bathroom was chilly underfoot. And that the hall was cooler under bare feet than I am used to. I think I am soft!

But last night I was cold overnight, and this morning the whole house felt cool.So I checked the boiler. Wet. Water on the surface, water dripping slowly, s.o.....s.l.o.w.l.y....from the nethers of the boiler, and no lights.

So the repair man comes tomorrow. Meantime, thank goodness for electric showers!  And extra jumpers. We are fine.

On a more cheerful front, I have been very naughty. I have joined another swap. For the fun of it. I am yet to 'fess up to my DH. I have sewing he needs first, but my lovely machine has been on the sick again.

Sunday a week ago, Young friend came to sew. I turned her on (machine, not friend...) and she demanded oil. Oil into bobbin race, light goes off, display goes off, what is that nasty smell? and smoke from the back. And the needle jigged as it does when you first turn on. But it kept on jigging. And jigging. Display? nothing. Foot pedal? nothing. Nasty smell? yes, plenty.

So she has gone back to the dealer. AGAIN. Am I glad I paid for the extended guarantee? Yes. But they cannot find the details, so I really hope that, having had the front circuit replaced, and the back circuit replaced, she will go for years and years with no further problems. Everything crossed- I love her and cannot bear the idea of going back to my Singer, which went, trouble free for over 20 years. Of course she was much simpler, but so much louder too.

So, the swap?

Celtic Thistle  has started a swap, the Crafty Cook's Apron and Recipe swap, over on Flickr. And I have had some very kind and gentle arm twisting, to join. So I have. Looks like some lovely folk involved, many of whom I already am familiar with, from elsewhere.

Mosaic? what mosaic?

Oh this one!

So, sign ups go on for another week or so, and I am looking forward to seeing how it works out!

Why not join us?

Especially some of you Europeans and Russian contingent out there! That could be fun, with more and different recipes being shared!
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