Monday, 20 February 2012

bee happy

I am just putting a little appeal together.

I had never taken part in a bee, but Sunni, started a 'stash bee', where the idea is, that you should not have to go out and spend lots of money on new fabric, but make up blocks, from what you already have stashed, for a different person each month, according to their directions.
Ok so I have only done one month so far, and come August, I have to tell everyone what I want them to do for me, But that will be alright, as I have a couple of different ideas buzzing round my head (so that is why it is a bee!).

Anyway at the time I was looking for a bee to join, so were quite a few others. Sunni started one bee in January. I was too late to join that one, but she was kind enough to get another going in February, which I am in.
There are a few ladies wanting to join in, but our bee is still full, so a third hive is needed, so, how about it? go and see Sunni, and let her know you want some of the fun, too.
Go on take a look on Flickr too, and see some of what is going on in the groups! it looks like everyone has had great fun doing the blocks.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

I am still having problems getting pictures. The computer I mostly use still does not recognise the gizmo for taking images from the SD card, and my husbands computer doesn't recognise it from me, though it does from him! So I have to wait till he is in the humour to do it for me, and email the pictures to myself.

I have made another pouch, with the other elephants on it. And now I am in a quandary, My Mouthy stitches partner might prefer the elephants. But no uploading means, not offering her the choice. I may have to decide for her. I know what is to happen to the remaining pouch, but that will wait until the choice is properly made.

Yes the background is purple really.  And I used the original mosaic. It is not quite as accurate as I would have liked, but, hey I like it anyway. It is individualistic.
And the zip is pale blue. The zip ends- not quite as neat as I would have liked, either. But I think they are okay, and what else?

Pockets. And lining. So..

I think the background lining is an African print, though I am not quite sure. I love that turquoise with the coloured swirly spots.

And, getting ambitious, a zip pocket too. On the opposite side to the open pockets.

And a change of fabric for the inside of the zip pocket....

More spots. I didn't realise how much I like spots, but I do.

And the bottom corners worked a bit better than the other pouch, so both have faults, but I like both of them, and feel someone would enjoy them, as much as I do.
I get a silly sort of glee when I look at the cross formed by that bottom corner. Yes?

Saturday, 11 February 2012

A reveal

I suppose it is time to come clean and show what I have made for my mouthy partner. I really hope she will like it. I think she will. I eventually went with owls, they seemed fun, and although I made another elephant panel, it didn't quite work the way I wanted, so these fellows seemed keen to participate.
They worked better with the Japanese cotton, and seemed more 'fun' than the elephants.
I will use these elephants, in a different pouch, because I do really like them, just not for this.

I also decided to go with a different shape of pouch, to show them off a little better, I was quite pleased with the end result.

And the other side?  A mini mosaic, made up of the fabrics used for the owls, and also some other fabrics which seemed to me to work.

my only quibble with this, is that the bottom of the pouch didn't work quite as neatly as I wanted it to, but looking at it with my 'sensible head' on, I decided, I could take it apart and redo, but it might be worse, and then what do I do? So, I left it.

These pouches have to be posted, week beginning the 25th, I go away on 26th, and am working on 25th, so I shall have to ask my receptionist to be kind enough to post mine out during the week. I am sure she will help out for me!

Since this, I have been making Morris belts, and they are now done. Now I have to go catch up with the skill builder, and then think about the FMQ, and see how I get on with that.

On another note, have you seen the lovely Oakshott cottons Lily is giving away. Please do not go there, do not comment, you are just pushing the odds up, and I have no chance anyway!

Maybe after supper!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

bits and bobs

Frustration runs high. I can take photos, but we ran a virus check on the computer, and although it now runs a little faster, it no longer recognises my SD card. So I have to get into my DH's computer, and email them from there. Not helped by his computer needing the touch of the master to respond. I can put in the SD card, and it cannot find it. Ten seconds later he puts it in afresh, and there it is, large as life and half as interesting. How does he do it? Grr.
Well, Someone thought they might like more pictures of the pouch. I am still up for keeping a touch of mystery. So I took more pictures. But draped over it some of the scraps I am planning to enclose...

Here is the front, again.

And the back?

Hiding among the scraps is a little piece of the back.

I have identified another little problem. When you are sending a fat quarter's worth of scraps, various sizes and shapes, how do you know you have enough in there? I mean, useful and usable scraps. Some of mine have selvage attached, well, for some folk, they love that edge, and it is good, others do not like it and will dispose of that bit. So, although I am sending it, I am not counting it as part of the FQ. In the end I decided to weigh it. I weighed some fabric of known size, and did the sums, and decided, if I send at least 30 grams, I am safe. It will be sufficient. So I am sending a little more, I do not want her to be short changed.

I have now posted my stash blocks to their recipient, with this as a signature block, I do not have a decent permanent marker, so this seemed a sensible alternative.

I am falling behind with my FMQ practice, and have yet to do my skill builder for this week. Instead I have been making Morris belts. But these are just for stock, so no real pressure. Needs doing, but not the same urgency as other jobs.

Now I need to go and do horrid housework, as it won't do itself. And it is work tomorrow, and I won't do it then!

Monday, 6 February 2012

more mouthy

The frustration of the slowest computer left in the kingdom, and the fact that we are at the outer limits of broadband have prevented me from posting earlier this weekend. And then there is the small matter of work...
So I got a pouch done this weekend. It is not perfect, but I feel I could take it all apart and it could then get worse!So that is a no then. I look at it, and think, 'would I be pleased to receive that?' And, yes, on the whole I would. So, I shall stop there, unless I get a message to tell me my partner hates it.

Am I going to show you? Well, only little bits. When the swap is done, then I shall show properly. For now, teasers!

First, pockets. I like pockets, and I feel my partner could do with some sunshine in her life. I certainly do not turn down sunshine in mine! So this felt sunshiney and happy. So in it went. (yes I know that is the 'wrong' spelling of the word, but the right spelling didn't express what I meant. So I did a Humpty Dumpty, and used the one I wanted)

And a bit of zip, too.

Yes, I have done some appliqué, which I think went Ok, but you will have to wait to see the rest.

I changed the shape, as this shape worked better with the piece I had done, and I forgot to put a tab on, which I had planned, but, enough is enough, and I think it does not need it.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

February here I come..

It is the start of Hive #2 in Sunni's stash bee, and our bee leader has posted her block. Strips of colour is what she asked for, in one colour blocks, different prints preferred, but no plains if possible. This works for me, and having Wednesdays off, it is a good day to get things done. Housework in the morning, so stairs look respectable and living room is liveable again (not for long), and I could get on. Halo pinching again..

A green block- does anyone know how much  I like a green? Most of them are good, a few not so much, but green is okay by me.  And then, as two blocks were requested, blue followed.

I hate the way you set up a shot, take the picture, and there is a piece of thread artistically calling your attention when it is  too late! Grrrr!

Oh well, shouldn't complain, at least I can see the threads.

And now I am off to consider further, the zippy pouch for my partner. Hmmm.

And while I am about it, I am linking with Lily's quilts, small blog meet, again  and her fresh sewing day
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