Friday, 27 December 2013

Well the break is really over, no 1 son has already headed off back to his flat... and the slightly flat period following Christmas has begun.

so the makes for Christmas?

Ok, no, I did not make a teapot! But someone requested a small teapot. So, a small teapot needs a small teacosy, right?
So someone got this bright green teapot and a cosy to go over it.

But I have more than one person in the house with a love of tea...

So, son got this cosy...

to go with his green teapot

 and daughter no 1 got this teacosy, which goes with a pot she got a while ago,

and daughter no2 got this one, and a purple teapot, to go under it

 Both daughters put in requests for bags with zip tops, so one got this turquoise-y one with orange,

and the other this pretty linen one- of which, of course, I failed to take a finished photo... wouldn't you?

I think they were all happy with their makes!

now, how about a teacosy just for me? I shall think about that too!

So, next week we have a New Year celebration,

and then we put it all away until the next time...

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

We wish you a very happy Christmas!

Have a really happy Christmas! and a healthy and prosperous New Year!

Sunday, 15 December 2013

too busy to post, to busy to read...

 The Christmas scene at work, organised by my lovely receptionist

These stars are having another outing

as is that snowman, who was made a couple of years ago.

 We finally have united this block with its fellows.....

for more round the world rainbows.

I am very sorry I am sewing and working like a mad thing, and am struggling for time for anything!

I will catch up when I have a minute!

Oh, but, hey, just admire my girl, who has been awarded her brown belt!  (mmm, and lopsided bow, but we shall ignore that!)

Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Ok, a quick and easy supper was required. For two. My friend was round, and we wanted supper. Like ten minutes ago.

First thing- put that water on to boil. Then chop onion, leek and orange pepper, sweat these in olive oil, pasta goes into boiling water, some chilli flakes into that mix, and a squirt of tomato puree, and a tin of sliced black olives which were lurking in the cupboard.
When the beeper went off, pasta was drained and mixed into the veggie mixture. Handful of pine nuts, and some grated cheese.

If I had had them in, I might have added mushrooms, or sun dried tomatoes. I didn't, so, I didn't..anyway..

Delicious supper in 15 minutes flat.

You did know I like my food?

Sunday, 1 December 2013

You put your Right leg in...

Sorry, I have not been posting of late. Various reasons, including not a lot to say, but there is a reason for that. I hurt my back. No sympathy needed, it is getting better, and I am fine.  The title above came from me trying to have a shower. The shower is over the bath, and you get in one leg at a time. Of course. So, there I am, in my scuddies, getting into that bath. I put my Right leg in. Then, I realised that I could get no further. My Left leg just was not going to follow. So there is me, standing Left foot on the bathroom floor and Right foot in the bath. Going nowhere. It took a bit to work out that actually I could get that Right leg out again, and I could climb in by going Left leg first! Yes, getting out was also interesting...though I am sure my husband would have helped if I had shouted loud enough!

So, I am clean and ( reasonably) sweet smelling to go to work. And things have got a lot better since. Who even thought about which leg goes first?

How did I do the damage? That is a complete mystery. If you know me, you will know I am fairly flexible, and have always been happy sitting on the floor. So, on that day, I was sitting on the floor, and I did nothing to cause any problems. I did not bend, stretch, twist or reach, but I felt something 'go'. And there I was in agony. I did not drive for 5 days. Poor old husband had to get up and take me to work! Thank goodness I usually use Volk rather than ophthalmoscope.

So I have been doing hand work, rather than machine, and have been getting on with Christmas cards. Making crochet snowflakes. Do you know Attic 24? She has a lovely sense of colour, and makes lovely crochet things.
And the crochet snowflakes will come off the card and be tree decorations. Neat?

A little sneaky peek at what is happening!

Now, you may remember I took part in a box swap? Christmas box and filling of sweeties?  Well, the box I eventually sent was

 This one,

 and these goodies went into it,

yes, all of them, and some fabric just to pack it out a bit, you know! stop stuff from moving about too much..

Yes, well we do not want anyone feeling a chocolate shortage...

but in return, I got a mahoosive package!

and a really cute grey and floral box to go with it. I think my partner had taken it as a challenge- see what else I can cram in type challenge!  so now, I shall have to enlist some help from my children ( no, my young adults...) to help dispose of these in a seemly fashion! Those red and white candies are minty and not too hard. No teeth to be broken on them- rotted with too much sugar, perhaps, but oh, lovely!
  So a mega thank you to GiQuilts, you really cheered me up!

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