Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Just Stuff!

It has been busy, I think May is a very busy month..
I have had the best visitor!

the type that bakes! Fresh delicious, oh so light and gorgeous... but I am sure it was the love baked in that helped them to rise so well..

Thank you, oh friend who bakes... please come again, and bake some more....

And they were very naughty, and brought gifts...
 I was the delighted recipient of this wonderful zippy bag...

and it was stuffed full of presents!

with a fabulous lining...
Do they know something?

we talked, and talked and went mad and talked some more...

We dropped in to a 'local' fabric store, and met someone else... I am waiting for the photos to be sent...

That was a lovely interlude... but I bought some fabrics...  some of you may see some of them shortly...

And I got kick started on that bag!  but I think it may need a post all of it's own!  sneak preview?

Well, why not!

you will have to wait for the details....

Saturday, 24 May 2014

oh, and I went to the quilt show as well...

So, this is picture heavy, and verbiage light...  I hope... 

I love the contrast, here, of the circle quilting and the almost pringle pattern of the background quilt.

and these are almost like painting... so effective- would I have the patience? I suspect not...

Just a few of the gorgeous quilts on show..

and , no, I did not get away without finding some new treasures...

well, would you?

Busy days..

We have been away. My daughter has had a day where the college she attends has displayed the handwork they have done over the past two years. Each of them had a small area, on which to display all their works, and parents and friends were invited to look at what they had achieved.

So a few pictures from the day..

a very happy girl,  and a very proud Mamma and Papa

all things she had made and acquired for use with small children..

She sewed that dress, and the vest and hat, also the 'quillow' and the playmat, as well as the 'taggie'  and she made the mobile, and the mattresses for the story book, the Princess and the Pea. And, of course, she sewed the quilt draped over the chair, as well.

Interacting with small child, though clearly I cannot show you the small child!

Yes, those white gloves are part of formal uniform...

We also saw, great excitement.... a bubble car!

My daughter had never seen one of these in real life before- so I had to take the photo. Wonderful!

We then spent the weekend with friends and visited Brockhampton, which is a lovely old manor house, in Herefordshire.

my apologies to the folks who accidentally landed in the picture..

A lovely small manor house, with some fabulous gardens, and wonderful coggledy floors.

And then home to the mundane run... Good to be back.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Post coming in!

My lovely fellow bees in the FSBB have been busy making floaty stars! and the first four have arrived home! Did you want a look? Of course you want a look!

here goes!

from the lovely Diane!

 The amazing Fiona!

the fabulous JoJo!

and the gorgeous Sarah!

Take a bow ladies!

and here is the collection!

It will be fantastic when the rest come and join them!  I know at least one is already in the post to me, and some more to come! I am tickled to death with them, well, wouldn't you be? 

ok, can I bore you to death with the garden now then? please.... 

That little lobelia is a leftover from last summer... flowering it's little socks off! Now there is an image to conjure with, lobelias running round the garden in socks! ho hum... nonsense moment struck again...

Thursday, 8 May 2014

May hips

Okay, I admit it, I have a love/hate relationship with foundation paper piecing. I love the result but oh, how I resent the waste! I resent the waste of paper, and I also resent that there tends to be a waste of fabric. Though those little extra scrappy bits really would never have been used anywhere else.

But a very simple and pretty star was chosen for this month, and the paper was printed and sent with the fabric. You may find the pattern  at Fresh Lemons

A neat package arrived..

and pretty turquoise and vibrant green fabrics appeared, , which may be used in whichever position we feel  is best.
 I folded the papers, to make the positioning of fabrics easier,

and I got sewing...

and sewed the pieces together... wrong...

a little stitch ripper action and a little more sewing... and you get


and a day later  this also appeared!

I am holding on to these for a short while, as it is my month next month, and I shall plan to send my fabrics back with these...
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