Sunday, 26 October 2014

Foundation Paper pieces..

Did you ever draw your own Foundation Paper Pattern?
Well, I did, for a bee last month. And I was very happy with the result. But. Yes, Big BUT.. I used paper and pencil- you know, that old fashioned stuff. Which, with all its merits, you cannot happily print a half dozen off, all identical. Or, you can, using a photocopier..but not long distance, or immediately, and not when you already used it!

So, if someone asks you for the pattern, but you already sewed the thing and sent it off, you really do not have a copy to send...

Ok, so that is not an impossible ask, you can, after all, draw one out on a computer package... such as 'Paint'  and do it that way.

I am sure there is a better thing to try this on- it is just, I have 'Paint' on my computer, so it felt feasible to use it for the purpose.

Again, there is a but. When I did this with paper and pencil, I drew my finished square first, and then put in my tree and worked out what the sequence was from there. With 'Paint' I have no idea how big my starter square is. Yes, there is a rule you can put round it, but what do the measurements on the rule apply to? It surely is not inches.. and does not appear to be centimetres either..

So, you do the whole thing, and print it off and then measure it.

And then, because it has come out 2 1/2" rather than 3", you do it again. You do some pretty basic maths, and try once more. And it comes out 4 1/8 ".
There must be a way to do this, you think. So you take their scale measurements and try once more...

A bit nearer, at 3 1/8 "  and after messing about and printing off yet more versions, you find that applying a 'resize' factor only seems to apply to the image on the screen, and not at all to the printed version, you decide to settle for what you have!

So, I have emailed all three different size versions of it, to the requester, and shall hope she can make head or tail of them!

That little tree over there, on the right...

Anyone else want to have a go at one?

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Hanging on the wall....

I think I have finished! I have 32 tutus hanging up in my hall!

A tiny picture- do not want to give too much away at this stage... more when I can get a picture of one on it's body!  I hope...

but I reckon I can give you progress shots of armbands without it being too drastic!
 Each length of organza is hand pleated and pinned onto satin, then overlocked in place.... taking out pins as one sews, the overlocker objects to trying to cut them.... Cannot imagine why....

 and then the opposite side of the satin is overlocked- frays like crazy, if you don't!

This is then folded over and pinned, and stitched down.

and chopped into lengths and piled high on the ironing board- for lack of any other sane place to put them....

                                    or, over the back of a chair....

and a piece like this gets chopped in two, and elastic threaded through, and then checked on an arm, before being stitched to make the band..

Am I allowed to add this to the link for le Challenge? It is a mix of fabrics... satin, organza and elastic..making something beautiful... I hope so! we shall see if Lucy and co permit!

Sunday, 5 October 2014


My camera now works intermittently, and as and when it feels like it.. so I have a few pictures to share again!
 Yes, there is a person buried up to the neck in net! scramble gathering it ready for application to tutu bodices.. Beware! When you come to visit me you may well be pressed into service!
 Armband kindly modelled by my son... It requires some modification..

And while I was awaiting verdicts on armband styles, I was able to get on with a much delayed Bee block.
I had already done this one- not photographed, due to temperamental camera action, but I had been able to make it. And then I got stuck.

I wanted to make at least one other block, but ideas were not announcing themselves with traditional gusto!

But today! I was filled with the desire- most unnatural, as I hate FPP- to FPP a tiny Christmas tree!

The block will end up 3" finished.
I planned it, I modified it, I glared and stared at it, and then.......

I decided I better just get on and do the thing!

 Of course, it refused to pose for a picture on its own!. Too bright and glary- cannot see a thing...

Too shaky, still not seeing a lot!

Strange that it was later quite content to be in a group photo! Camera shy blocks- what would you believe!

So after that, I did an applique star to complete a set!

Hope she likes them!

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