Saturday, 26 November 2016

I think I have been busy...

Well, there has been a wedding, and a graduation... so yes, I have been away and been busy.

I made the wee bridesmaid's dress, but that was all
 Little P was dreessed in a fair imitation of the bride's dress, with the lace bodice- lace was a theme this year- and a full purple skirt.

She is just seven on the day of the wedding- so mega celebrations, for this lassie!

and a full and flouncy petticoat to hold the skirts out!

with roses on. Because which seven year old can resist a rose?

The day went off well, and I think all had a good time.

The end result?
Bride and groom duly tied that knot!

And since that, we have attended our younger daughter's graduation- Well done everyone!

So now, it is Christmas preparations- so more enforced silence, I suspect... Maybe an odd sneak peek?

such as this one

or perhaps this one?

or, even, this one?

See you soon!
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