Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Belated, Sewmamasew, I was a winner!

I was lucky enough to win two giveaways in the
 great giveaway, but I was waiting until the second one arrived, to blog about both at the same time. First, I won some patterns that the lovely Germaine over at Yageol was kind enough to be passing on to be put into use. 
There are two magazines with traceable patterns, and two actual patterns here. I do not know why it is so difficult to get this type of magazine in UK. I think they are brilliant. And there are a really fabulous selection of patterns here. Oh, yes! they will get used!

Thank you Germaine!

And then I also won these rather fun charms. These came from Atia. There are very varied prints in this collection, with florals and scissors, leaves and butterflies, as well as some abstract prints. I think these should prove very useful, Thank you Atia!
 Now, a few shots from the garden, to keep my daughters up to date!
tree peony

Fruit cage to go on very soon! There is a redcurrant lurking!

and today's disaster? The iron decided to send out smoke signals... I smelt it first, and then saw the little plume of smoke arising... Ok , a new iron has had to be bought... I feel as though I buy new irons every 5 minutes! I know it is a few years really, but surely an iron should last longer than this! And you just cannot sew without an iron!  Can you?

Sunday, 19 May 2013

I am a winner!

 A parcel? For me? What can it be?

Pretty stamps!
 And inside that parcel, a fabric basket! filled with goodies!

There are two, oh so pretty, hand towels, and some delicious smelling soap! and a small pack of tissues.

those dainty squares are Honey honey, by Kate Spain. ( I rather like Kate Spain...)

 A hand towel in blue!


 a hand towel in green!
 The basket sits so prettily on the windowsill,
and those hand towels are perfect in here  

hasn't Julia  done a superb job for me!

I love this basket, and those little extras are so special!

Shall I tell you? Yes, She made that soap herself! and it smells divine!

Now- how can anyone top that!

Sorry now to my partner! I cannot do as good a job for you! I am doing my best, but...

Friday, 17 May 2013

a basket case...

 The basket swap is starting to throw up some very nice baskets. A lot of work is going into some of these, and I had to put on my thinking cap, to decide which I would make. There are lots of tutorials and instructions out there, for various baskets, but from the information available about my partner, I get the feeling she likes things kept quite simple and elegant. I found this lovely fine flame orange linen, only a small scrap of it, and some fabric for a lining, and looked for a simple organic design to work with it. These stems and leaves I have done before, and with a pretty, variegated thread, I thought it would look OK.

 But, just suppose? if she is not a fan of orange. Well, in the abstract, I am not the biggest fan of orange... this orange I love, and soft coral oranges I love, but raw orange? Not for me.

So, I had a very pale yellow. So pale, it almost doesn't look yellow. And the same simple, variegated thread design- A different colour of thread, but same style- and a matching version is born.

 But, perhaps she would like something a little more fun?

I already had these chevrons, which make a fun lining...

Simple strips of red prints turn into a basket

this picture shows it inside out, just for the sake of keeping some confusion!

And, no handles on this one!

So, which of these will I send?

and I have folk who want each of them- so good homes will be found for any left over....

I am thinking hard, what to do!

I will show the whole of the red one soon.Just not yet  as that might tell someone too much...

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Pretty things!

 A little while ago, we had a mini competition, in Quilt around the world.
We were asked to find something that said 'spring'. It could be something we had made, but did not have to be, it could be a whole quilt, or just a block, so I found a quirky little block, on flickr, which depicted  a swing under a cherry tree.

(I have put the link in,as I do not think it would be right to borrow her image. You can see it on the link. )
This was made by FlossieBlossoms, and is lovely. There are a whole set of these, in subtly different shades, and the whole thing is just spring in a nutshell!

And my choice was the winner! Thank you Elizabeth, for this super prize! It arrived on Friday.  The twill tape matches the green and blue of the boho perfectly. And thank you to the innocent author of the block!   Amn't I the lucky one?

Strange things appear in strange places. This old bathing dress is a display item in a second hand furniture store. This is one of those odd quirky places straight out of some atmospheric novel. Rooms lead off rooms, you go up one staircase, and down a different one, along a corridor, being careful not to fall over random broken coal scuttles, and up another, broken, and rather dingy stair, and the, on the landing, a gorgeous Edwardian bathing dress greets you!
lovely cotton lace trim, a strong ticking type fabric, and matching underpinnings!
Sorry, the pictures were taken on my OH's mobile phone, and they are not brilliant, but I think you can sort of see the attached bloomers!

And yes, that is me, being wicked and taking a look at those underneaths- 'Down there!'

This is beautifully made- but I am happy not to have to wear that type of garment these days!

I had to have the photo, in case I am ever asked to make one!

 But today, I have managed some intrmittent sewing.

Four more blocks,  two stars, and two more 3D pinwheels.

 Now to do a bit more 'think about it'

Friday, 10 May 2013

Am I stopping here?

 Ok so, I have made the 6th star block, and now have to make the decision. Am I stopping there? or do I need to make more blocks for this little quilt?

Twelve blocks here, stars and pinwheels etc.

If I just put them together like so, the finished quilt will be 36" by 48".
If I make four more blocks, two stars and two 'textures' it would be 48" by 48".
I could add sashing, giving me 40" by 54", perhaps putting squares at the corners?

And then perhaps a border? Do I have enough spare fabric for borders? Possibly with mini pinwheels or stars at corners, or middle of sides.
I think this is the hardest bit. Deciding how to finish.

I think I need to sash it. And I may also need to put on a border, Just to make it feel a sensible size. But I am not convinced I will want to stop if I make four more blocks- It could turn into an extra nine after that. And I definitely do not have enough fabric for that!  Oh, trouble!


Monday, 6 May 2013

'textures' again

I spent much of today in the garden. There are nettles which were taking undue prominence in my garden. And some herb Robert. I hate that herb Robert. It stinks.And there were dandelions.

There are still dandelions, and nettles. And some of that sort of willow herb variant, that is so shallow rooted, that you think it shouldn't be a problem. And is a problem. And I know there is still a bramble lurking amongst the ivy. But things do look a lot better.  And we got round to some pots yesterday- encouraged by DD2.
And now with thorns in my fingers, and well nettle stung, I have stopped for a bit!

And, in between, I have managed to sew a little.

 I admit it, I have a problem. I am definitely addicted.

These blocks are sooo simple. And sooo effective.

So, now there are four like this, with that jade green added in to prevent the whole thing becoming too sickly sweet.

Then this one, again a 'texture' block. Those points on the pinwheel are free, it is just sewn along the hypotenuse. They are ' prairie points', so there is no raw edge to fray.

 And the origami flower.

 I thought it would be best if there were some 'flat' blocks in between, so I chose a star block, and using a print which was supposed to tie all the blocks together, as the central piece, I have made, so far, five blocks.

I have one more to make, but I am now dithering. Should I make another with the large centre, and have four like that, or should I make another with the small centre?Most of these blocks have happened in the last two days. Just the first one last week, and the origami flower. How long to make the last one? any guesses?

and, am I then going to think, I shall just make a few more.... or sash it, or put a border on... or.. ?

You know, if I actually planned stuff, this would make life so much more simple! or did I mean boring?

Saturday, 4 May 2013

the origami flower

This block was a little more tricky, but I think a few blocks along, and I will get the hang of it. Actually- I may stick at only one origami flower, and make the others in a simpler fashion.

I will see what I feel like tomorrow.

In the garden today, purple noses of hostas poke up through the very dry soil, everything is very late this year, so they are rather behind their usual dates.

 and late narcissi are out in the front
 Species tulips should spread, with any luck

and I thought I had lost this little one, heuchera, marmalade, I think? hanging on in there!

Friday, 3 May 2013

Those pinwheels have got me!

Front of bag

 A present for someone you do not know terribly well? Ok, I thought a tote bag might work- if she hates it, I trust she will be polite enough not to tell me!

Yes, I have gone potty on these 3D pinwheels! Sorry!

A simpler approach to the back, purple linen and some straight line quilting.
block for Hipbee May

But this is what those 3 D pinwheels were really about! A block for Sarah at Sew Me.

instructions? Here are some red and cream pieces of fabric. And some Kona snow.
make me any block you like.

We liked this block- so it is already winging it's way to Sarah.

Such a lovely idea- here is the fabric, now go and make it beautiful!
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