Sunday, 29 September 2013

Quilting around the world

This bee has been going on for a while, but I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel! I have only 4 more blocks to make, and then I shall have fulfilled my obligations.
So, today I made a block for Quiltygirl2, who asked us to make blocks in a gentle colour palette of a soft yellow, grey blue, and a hint of a burnt orange, with white. The block should use half square triangles, and we could use them in any way we wished. The starter block was 15.5", but we did not have to make blocks as large as that, unless we wished.

I came up with this block, and then found, as I had now 16 blocks, taking a picture of them all together was very tricky! There are just too many to make a good job of it. So, they ended up on the living room floor, with the sun streaming in through the French window, and making the colours patchy.

I do think all the blocks are promising to 'play nice together' , and I hope she will be happy when she finally gets them home... these have been on their travels since June last year... I wonder, will I remember mine when it gets home?

Friday, 27 September 2013

Holiday over, back to reality

You may have noticed I have been just a little quiet over the last week... That is because I have been away, and out of range of sewing machines and computers, for the most part.

Can I bore you rigid with holiday snaps?
ok then, here we go!

left by the maid
Underground city,

 Cliff dwellings, and churches..

Tribute to a street cleaner?  
Beware of low flying cats!

anyone want a clean plate, for breakfast? 

 Ok, that is one big sheepskin coat! If it was on his shouders, it would trail on the floor! 

I confidently anticipate a little more sewing soon.. Just as soon as I recover from the holiday- it was great, and I loved it, but I am now exhausted!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Recap! bee blocks

 Augusts belated block for Fi, She sent these beautiful fabrics, and said, 'Surprise me' . So I found a block in Quilters Cache, which I liked, but it was foundation paper pieced. Woops! so I looked at it, and decided I could just piece it. So, I did. and it seems to have worked. Aren't those colours pretty. I love the pop of the pink.
And Sarah had managed to send the fabric for two blocks for September. concentric squares, in black and white, with pops of bright colour. These are just a little more tricky than they look, as you have to ensure you have enough for that final round. But they were great fun to do. I think Sarah will have a lovely quilt at the end of it.  

All this a little later than planned, as we had the Day of Dance last weekend. so busy, I took no photos this year, but for a taste of it have a look at this 

All for now!

Sunday, 1 September 2013

I got Post!

 I had been waiting. And watching for the postman. He was resolutely not appearing at my gate. Or, at least, not with the post I wanted.

And then, he came. But, being unaware of my waiting, he decided he couldn't put my package through my letterbox, and couldn't see my doorbell, clearly labelled with our house number, so dropped a card in the box and took my parcel away! Not fair!

but, my lovely OH went and collected it from the depot next day!

and in the very firm wee package, was this pretty card, and a parcel wrapped in pattern!

What a great idea for wrapping paper! Though I am not sure I could be strong enough to do it myself, I still think it is a brilliant idea! Clever partner.
 And there, inside, was this beautiful pouch!  So pretty, and I know how tricky those top ends are- I struggled to try to get it right, but the lovely Linda did a beautiful job for me!
Such a neat finish! I think she is magic!
 and the zips are put in beautifully,
 Cannot fault those zips!  and the colour matching, too!

and then, she STUFFED it!

Pretty yellow fabric, pretty blue fabric, pretty green fabric!
And so much of it! I do not think she could have squashed any more in!

And she added a dainty little pair of fairy scissors!

Is it any wonder that either of my daughters would be happy to rehome it?!

Not that they will get the chance!

Overload of exclamation marks!!! but well deserved ones.

Now, my friend Lucy is having a giveaway, to celebrate her 2nd year of blogging- please go over and give her your support- she is a sweetheart, and makes lovely stuff! and have a wee peep at her etsy shop while you are there. She makes such fun tooth pillows for little ones.

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