Wednesday, 11 March 2015

yes, I succumbed..

To another swap. This time it is a bag swap.I was intrigued. The theme of the swap is a tote bag, but, black, white plus one other colour. When entering you could state three possible alternative colours..

I cannot remember which colours I put down for my preferences, but I have started thinking about my partner's preferences... I put up this picture..

and folk generally seem reasonably happy with them.. so now I get to sort the rest of the details out!

I wonder which colours I asked for? hmmm

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

World book day

Remember this?

Well, some schools have the children dress up, some have the teachers...

I did promise more pictures, and here they are-

my dressed up lass has requested, no face in the picture- sorry, because it is a lovely face-

She was Arwen from Lord of the Rings..

and the dress suits her so well...

I hope she will get use from it for years to come.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Fresh sewing day

Well, it is a while since I joined in with this, but here is a sample of what February brought

not the most productive month ever, but not too bad, I think!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

a five minute project..

My daughter wanted a lanyard. just a simple round the neck, with a lobster clasp on the end, to take a card holder she uses at school. But,  could she have a pretty one please?

Well, there is no trick to one of these.. and, perhaps it did take a little more than 5 minutes, especially if you include the time taken to audition the options..

I think that should do it!

It started as 31" long by 2" wide, and turned into this nice and quick!

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Lucky me!

I have had some unexpected gifts just at the end of the month here...

First, I went out with the Dance teacher, to see a show by a different dance school. And lovely Karen presented me with this beautiful print from the photoshoot day with two of the girls in those pretty tutus. What a lovely and thoughtful person Karen is! I adore this picture, and it now has a temporary home in my living room, but will probable end up in the sewing room. Yes, you can see some of the Alice costumes on the wall there too.

 Then on Friday I was presented with these gorgeous flowers, and a thank you card from one of my clients!

I was just gobsmacked! They are really beautiful!

So, I am very lucky!

And spring is busy trying to spring in the garden too... today I found these little offerings...

We are definitely getting there!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Today's offering is...

 This new T shirt.
The fabric was left over from that dress I made last spring. I did not have sufficient border to put the border all round the hem line, nor to use for the sleeves, so, it is just on the front. But then, it is effectively a completely free T shirt, isn't it?  So, who could possibly complain?

Oh but it gave me hassle!

It is a soft knit fabric. Knit fabrics need ballpoint needles, right??

But my ball point needle kept shredding the thread, and I would suddenly realise that I had only managed the first couple of inches of my seam, when I thought I had got to the other end and done my wee reverse...

So, in the end, I gave up and put in a sharp, and it worked perfectly.
 Then, I wanted to use a twin needle round the neck.

Good in theory, and again, recommended practice...

except when your machine decides, all by itself, and with no help of any kind from the operator... to only sew with the right hand twin needle, and to ignore completely the left hand needle!

I know- this never happens to you...
and then, it decides, all by its self, and with no help from anyone, perhaps it will use both needles again...  producing this result...

no, I know, it never happens to you..

I gave up with the twin needle for the hem, and just did a blind hem. I reckoned that would be ok, as it is a sort of stretchy stitch in it's own right... Isn't it?

And in the end,. I have a nice fitting, eminently wearable T shirt, from my leftovers. I call that a win, what do you think?

Saturday, 21 February 2015

getting there

A little bit of this

became some of this... 

a week ago, I think.. 

and then some more sewing happened today

 a new kindle cover- but not for me...

a simplified version for someone... say no more until they get it!

and I have done some sewing for someone else, too... 

 sneaky peek one!

sneaky peek 2

They know all about it, but I do not wish to show the whole thing until they have had some fun with it!

Okay dear??

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