Monday, 20 June 2016

Thank you gift

 I went to Bonn at Whit bank holiday. Well, you see I have a friend over there, who puts up with me going, taking over her sewing machine, using her fabrics and generally making a nuisance of myself...
And while I was there she was involved in a workshop on Flying Geese.. 
and I was allowed to join these wonderful ladies. Everyone made their own take on the geese, and what they would do with their geese... But, of course, everyone brought their own sewing machine... except this strange visitor from overseas.

 She could not quite manage a machine in the hand luggage only.

But one lovely lady brought a spare, so I could also sew. I think what she did was, she brought her old and her new machine, and she used her old one and gave me the use of her new one! The kindness I received in Germany, I just do not know how to express it! it is just incredible.

So, a small thank you seemed appropriate.
If you pop across to her blog, you will see that she is quite a fan of neutrals, and does amazing things with her neutrals, so I felt a pincusion to attach to her machine was a half an idea- well I looked at her pile of pins next to her machine, and just, well it felt like the thing to do... So, I dug in my neutrals and produced this one, which she has now received. I think it may see some use.

Thank you lovely ladies for making me feel so welcome.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Barefoot sewing

I thought it was time I got some overdue stuff out of the way. so, these came off the machine today

 Angel block to head off to the States

Angel block to go to Ireland

Added to the link for Nicky's scaptastic Tuesday!

And we had a repeat visit from a little friend, I think she is perhaps feeding babies... She seems fit and well, trundling about her business... 

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Garden day

It is June already, and I have spent less time on the garden than I can ever remember.
The weather has managed to be perfect for the garden when I am at work, or away, and dire, when I have time to do it, or I have had another something urgent to deal with instead.
Today though?
I got into the garden.
I do not have a large garden, but still, I cannot get round all of it in one day, so I have to select an area, and go at it!

I managed to clip the edges of the grass on the lower bit of grass- I really cannot grace it with the title of 'lawn', there is more bugle and buttercup than there is grass really- and do some weeding and hoeing and digging. Then a pear tree which had lived in a pot for several years was transplanted into a cleared area. It put up a struggle, not wanting to leave it's cosy pot, but a bit of persuasion.... 

The allium there is a volunteer, and I shall not discourage it. I am very happy with it's personal life choices. A pretty clematis which had waited a year to be given freedom of the soil has also found a home now. I wanted to give it a teepee to climb, but it was not for letting go of it's little trellis, so, I suppose, I have to allow it. Various fuschias have also survived a long time in pots, so, hardy they must be, and I shall allow them garden freedom too. Then I just got some cheap summer bedding and popped that in to help brighten us up a bit. 

This is a difficult corner. It does get sun, but not until afternoon, and the rhubarb struggles, unlike it's cousin outside the back door, in the first picture. 

 these two pots had been emptied of their contents- dead summer bedding from two years ago, and I have refilled them, to give some cheer outside the living room
 Yes, well- there used to be trellis for these to climb, but it disintegrated in the winds a couple of years ago, and somehow, we just haven't got the 'Round Tuit' to sort it out. But secretly- not so secret now- I love the riotous behavior of these clematis. Last year was the first time the pink one flowered, and boy is it making up for lost time!
Yes, that volunteer again. Love the green seedheads contrasting with the purple. Love the not quite perfection of that sphere, it is just feisty enough to decline the sphere!

oh sewing? what do you mean sewing?? 

Oh that bit! I did some sewing over the bank holiday weekend, but failed to take the pictures, but I was in Germany, and someone else took pictures!  If you pop over to her blog, she will show you. 

And since I came back I have made a couple of bits, Here is the second one, 
  a pin cushion for someone in USA, who has been very kind and generous to me. She will find out when it arrives, but, I think she does not follow me, so it should be a complete surprise.

And here, I have put it onto my machine, just for show.

There is more, but really, this is enough for one day!

Back soon, I hope!
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