Thursday, 16 February 2017

Where else?

Do you remember this? You may not, as I bought it whenever we went to Thailand- which was when my BiL got married, which was??  You get the idea. I cannot recall when it was, and, actually, I would not be certain I showed a picture of it before, so, perhaps your memory lapse is forgiveable...

Yes, well, it has sat in my stash for a year or so... Since 2011. 

I have a yen to make a jacket from it. It is an odd width- probably to do with it being silk, of course, so it is about 40" wide, and there is about 2 yards of it. So, careful cutting and I should be OK. 

It does need a lining though, so off we went and got some shot taffeta as the lining. Well, that pretty silk deserves a pretty lining!

Where could you go, at no notice, and pull out fabric, and say, 'well, what do you think? Is this okay for a jacket? '

Yes, I noticed Diane was in at Stitchscape, so I bobbed in, just to see her and show the fabric. She is a treasure, and made all the right noises ( 'Perhaps Rachel will go away and leave this behing, if I am good' type of noises, 'I think it is my colour' type noises, you know). 

So I spent a few minutes there, before leaving her to get on with it. And now, I am back to try to get on with it. Having the, I only have this bit of fabric, and if I get it wrong, that is my lot, type of mental conversation with myself... 

But it will not make itself, so wish me luck!

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

and a cushion to match?

Well, I thought I should do it while it was fresh in the brain...
 This is how it looks, flat, to go with that quilt you took away for snuggling purposes...

and the other side, perhaps a little more restraint here, depending on your humour...

but how does it look with cushion pad inside, and on furniture?

A bit like this, actually. 
You will need to show me how it is with the quilt it was designed to go with. 

I shall get it to you, when I can. 


Tuesday, 14 February 2017

A book to enjoy

I received a few gifts at Christmas, yes, I know it was a loooong time ago, now, and I had not put them down here. The home made, and home designed gifts, that is.

Amongst these came a book. This is a special little book. Carefully designed and made by my elder daughter.

First, it has squared paper on the inside. So, I can use it for designing. I can use it to design quilt blocks, or layouts. I could use it to design knitting patterns, whether fair isle, or lace patterns. Except I am too idle to design knitting motifs.

And, the pages lay flat when the book is open. So I am not having to anchor it down. It just sits!

Then, she has divided it into 'chunks' I am sure there is a technical term for this, and the magic Babylonian figure of 8 is involved, as with any normal book. Each chunk has a plain light coloured outer, so I could easily divide my projects.
Nicely done, thank you!

And she has chosen a pretty fabric to cover my book.

And here is a view of the spine. Hand stitched finish on it.

Thank you Kitty!

If you wish to get hold of a similar book, she is also now making and selling these on Etsy, along with one or two other bits and pieces. Go take a look.

She even does project bags and matching 'knit books'.

Thanks, darling!

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