Sunday, 28 December 2014

some of those makes that have not been seen..

so we have made a couple of gifts for Christmas this year. but not shared the makings here... because that seems not right, until gifts have been given.. so a quick canter through the makes- or some of them anyway!

 My receptionist has taken to crochet this year, so this was a no-brainer!
 the bright handled hooks were included in the gift, not the scissors though, they and the hand sewing needles were just 'set dressing' .

I had noticed she favoured a thick handled hook, and why be boring when bright is available?

Cheery flower buttons...

and a book for a little inspiration!

a kindle cover for the other girl, Did I really not take 'open' photos when I finished? I really did not take finished photos when this was open...And, of course, I could not take photos with the kindle in situ...she has one with a camera, so allowance had to be made for that... I just hope it fits...
 the outside should make her smile though!

and a simple fastening.

A wee while back.. about a year  or so, we made these little boxes...

so, I though, how about one like that for my Saturday girl? 

Of course, I had done them before, so, who needs the instructions now? No, of course I do not need any instructions! Not me.... 

Favourite colours, blue and yellow...

but the flattened shape?  perhaps I should have referred to those instructions after all!

I took a view on this one, and decided, I would leave it so, It is different from the intention, but still pretty, and will still hold random stuff... so, with some bits and bats, made a gift for a teenager.

a few other bits also got made... perhaps I shall find them later... 

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Back down to earth

We have had a lovely time, a dear friend came and stayed, Oh, I am so lucky, the sort of friend who feels like family! and we have had these

 and some of these...

 and also lots of these!

and then we had some of this

and went out to watch some of this

brave Saint George, who slayed Slasher

all in a fight over the virtue of fair Phoebe.....

and then this quack doctor 'cured' Slasher

so that the father of fair Phoebe and Slasher, could be content...

yes quasi English tradition is still alive and well in the pubs of Cheshire!
 worth seeing at least once! to the confusion of all...

and so we then had some of this on the feast of Stephen!
 I looked out later and found that small people from next door had made the most of it, and there were plenty of footprints across it! Good job they did, it was all but gone this morning.
And then, finally, we had some of this!

I hope all of you had just as good a Christmas as we did!
And I hope my dear friend may come back and do Christmas again some time!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

getting near Christmas!

At work, anyway!

My lovely girls on Saturday! Yes, one of them was not on duty that day, but these two were!

and, yes, I do have some decorations up at home too!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

today's sewing??

Well, most current sewing is secret... But my sewing machine is temporarily packed away, and baking has taken over ... These will be lovely, with a dollop of cream...

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