Saturday, 2 January 2016

The lovely things made for me this year...

This is really self explanatory, I was lucky enough to have lots of hand made and home made things this year,

Not that tea is drunk in this house... no, no tea to speak of...

Our manky teacosy was replaced by this beauty made by my younger daughter-

 she has been doing a LOT of applique this year..

All those snowflakes appliqued by herself, and beautifully done too...

and I requested a pouch to take the bits that accompanied my Christmas present  ( and birthday, even unto the seventh generation....)
Yes, I got a new overlocker. Which has been a boon.

My old one which has given faithful service for about 25 years seized- in the middle of costume sewing season! Aaaargh! so we went out and bought a new one before Christmas, but it had to be my pressie...  and it came with all sorts of bits and pieces which need to be kept together really. Yes, more applique from my daughter!

and then there were those wonderful swap Christmas tree ornaments...
 A lovely Santa au jete, my snowflake dangle, snowman heart, Christmas bunny, dove of peace ( an extra with the bunny, gorgeous!), pretty red heart and the Christmouse! Thank you MQT swappers!

and these also came my way, the black birdie made by my son, who has started sewing, at the grand old age of ( well, maybe I shouldn't say, but he is my eldest...), a bonny fabric folded decoration from a friend, and the cheery pompom from someone I work with.

There were a couple of other new ornaments, though not home made,

The blue star, two glass teapots and a bauble were all new this Christmas.

And then, last but definitely not least, this gorgeous soft silk and alpaca scarf was woven for me by my elder daughter! It is sewn in a loop, so it doubles round my neck and is lovely and soft and warm, without feeling as if I am being strangled. I have been using it regularly, and can confirm that it is 100% lovely!

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