Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Garden Time

Yes, it is January, but a mild day today, and a dry one. So, as I am off, there is no excuse to not go out and garden.

And, 2 1/2 hours later, the green bin is full, but that is the only evidence of any work out there. That, and a few new aches round the back, and a slightly sore finger, where I tried to chop the top off it with the ratchet secateurs! Ouch! but I managed to not even break the skin, so I am just fussing really!

But I looked at the garden, and have a few plans hatching. And saw more colour than I might have expected. Ready for  a trot round my messy garden? Here goes..

This is damage from the high winds we had last back end. The trellis is completely destroyed, so we shall have to take it off, and take the opportunity to paint the fence and probably put a better quality trellis back up. There is a cute little pink rambling rose and a couple of clematis depending on the trellis in that corner.

 And how about these volunteers! snapdragons, or antirhinum if you feel posh, all  planning to provide colour later in the year! what value. I haven't planted a single one!

And these geranium are hoping for not too much frost and then they can do their thing come early summer..
 fingers crossed.

 The berberis is flowering orange. This one is also a volunteer. Or an opportunist, if you think that way. Yes, I did plant one just like this. At the other end of the garden. Self seeded? Or gardening bird!
 This is what most of my garden looks like. A good collection of all those weeds which are associated with human habitation. Bittercress, herb Robert, stinging nettle, and that variety of willowherb which pulls out so easily, but every scrap of root left behind grows into a new plant. I think it is a species of hydra!

but there is hope, too. A winter flowering clematis is starting to shoot, so maybe I will see the flowers this year? Last year they did flower, but so secretly, that I only knew by the seedheads later! Jingle Bells and Freckles are both here. Again, fingers crossed!
 The perennial poppy is staring up,

as is the Philadelphus,  and the rosemary,

 And for colour, these little hearts-ease,
and a very early anemone,

 a very late Kaffir lily,

and a timely winter flowering honeysuckle. 

Promises are being made by this white camellia- well it will be white, when it does flower!

and other sparks of colour by some fungi which are also volunteering..

 Now, it is not that I have been doing no sewing! But the sewing I have been doing is still top secret! so, perhaps a little sneaky preview shot! I am fairly confident my intended recipient does not usually look at this, anyway, so this is a little corner- I wonder will they like?

I shall let you know in due course!


Caroline said...

after living in our home for about 3 years all of a sudden tomatoes popped up one year. . .mother nature does what she wants, when she wants, eh? A woman after my own heart ;)

Isisjem said...

Thanks for the garden tour. It's too wet to do more than dash to the car around here. It's amazing how the drab everywhere will look gorgeous come spring. Intrigued by the secret sewing!

Diane-crewe said...

at least you can see where you want to go with your garden .. mine is VERY wet as a result of the non-stop rain!!

Di said...

I enjoyed your garden tour. I still have geraniums in my window boxes that are still blooming. Di x

Barb and Sharon said...

I'm envious of your green. We are white and icy and rainy today. :(


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