Saturday, 26 April 2014

May comes early

I am the queen bee for the month of May, in the Fat Stash Brit Bee. So, I had to try to be organised. Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I am not really an organised sort of person. I try, but any little piece of 'organised' is only the precursor to the next wee bit of chaos. But I have done really well this time, I hope...

I have  chosen my block- months ago- and been hunting up fabrics, as I have to send some fabric out, so my bee mates have something to start them off. They will make one block, 12.5" square, or equivalent, and return that to me.

I have chosen, this:

It is a floating stars block, which, in my head, is bright colours on black backgrounds. But I wanted black which was not dead black, I want the blocks to sing! I also am asking for the central star to be in one colour. They may choose which one colour, be it blue, green, yellow, whatever, but that centre should be one, and then the rest, bright cheerful singing anythings.

Do you know just how difficult it is to find tone on tone black?  It is a good thing I started hunting early. I eventually obtained 5 different prints, and the central black square is a plain black. Each black square is 4.5", and then the corners are made from 2.5" squares which use up all those grotty little scrappy bits which are too big to throw away, but too small to be really useful. You know the ones.

So, I have packed up sets like this, with two different prints, and a square of plain, and added something else in a couple of cheerful colours, but big enough to be useful somewhere, which may be included, but really do not have to be, but it gives the black background pieces. And something left for the bees to keep.

So, I had an array like this,

which soon turned into this,

which then became this!

You see how chaos intrudes? 

And all these got posted this morning... ready for May. 


Kathinca said...

I am so proud of you being early *grin*. I do get the organised and chaos bit. Embrace the chaos friend.

Diane-crewe said...

oooohhhh! waiting to see what comes through my door xx

Archie the wonder dog said...

That's going to be a wonderful quilt!

the running hare said...

Great choice of block and I like the black on black theme!

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