Saturday, 24 May 2014

Busy days..

We have been away. My daughter has had a day where the college she attends has displayed the handwork they have done over the past two years. Each of them had a small area, on which to display all their works, and parents and friends were invited to look at what they had achieved.

So a few pictures from the day..

a very happy girl,  and a very proud Mamma and Papa

all things she had made and acquired for use with small children..

She sewed that dress, and the vest and hat, also the 'quillow' and the playmat, as well as the 'taggie'  and she made the mobile, and the mattresses for the story book, the Princess and the Pea. And, of course, she sewed the quilt draped over the chair, as well.

Interacting with small child, though clearly I cannot show you the small child!

Yes, those white gloves are part of formal uniform...

We also saw, great excitement.... a bubble car!

My daughter had never seen one of these in real life before- so I had to take the photo. Wonderful!

We then spent the weekend with friends and visited Brockhampton, which is a lovely old manor house, in Herefordshire.

my apologies to the folks who accidentally landed in the picture..

A lovely small manor house, with some fabulous gardens, and wonderful coggledy floors.

And then home to the mundane run... Good to be back.


Diane-crewe said...

she did well .. what a collection xx don't you just love to see places like that... not sure I would want to live in it though xx bet it would be dark with those low ceilings xx lol x

mumasu said...

Congratulations on finishing her course. She's made some really great stuff there.

Janine said...

Congratulations to your daughter. She has done brilliantly! She has obviously takes after you :)

Second Chance Tan said...

Wow, you must be really proud, didn't she do well xxx

cheeky monkey said...

She had a beautiful little corner and made gorgeous things. What a great way to show what you do in school. Hope you had a great vacation and lots of sunshine

Linda Coleman said...

great setout on her stall, you must be very proud

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