Saturday, 27 December 2014

Back down to earth

We have had a lovely time, a dear friend came and stayed, Oh, I am so lucky, the sort of friend who feels like family! and we have had these

 and some of these...

 and also lots of these!

and then we had some of this

and went out to watch some of this

brave Saint George, who slayed Slasher

all in a fight over the virtue of fair Phoebe.....

and then this quack doctor 'cured' Slasher

so that the father of fair Phoebe and Slasher, could be content...

yes quasi English tradition is still alive and well in the pubs of Cheshire!
 worth seeing at least once! to the confusion of all...

and so we then had some of this on the feast of Stephen!
 I looked out later and found that small people from next door had made the most of it, and there were plenty of footprints across it! Good job they did, it was all but gone this morning.
And then, finally, we had some of this!

I hope all of you had just as good a Christmas as we did!
And I hope my dear friend may come back and do Christmas again some time!

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