Monday, 30 November 2015

Stitchscape open day

A new resource has opened not too far from me. Just down the road a bit... Stitchscape. 

There used to be a pub on the corner, but it fell into the same old state as a lot of such establishments have, and shut down. Then refurbishment happened and it turned into a suite of offices, and into one of these offices has entered the really fun and friendly Diane.

Diane had a dream, of a sewing space where groups of friendly sewing folk could congregate, and sew a little, laugh a little and have a deal of fun... and today she held an open day.

Cups of tea, mince pies, and chatter and viewing of the facilities, a large surface for cutting out, several big tables to set up sewing machines, a Sissix, and an electronic, computer linked cricut...

and friendly Diane helping someone design a named Christmas stocking for a child.

Diane also organises workshops, with a good variety and user friendly time options, so many workshops run in the day or in the evening for those of us who may also have to work!

Come the New Year I can see myself attending perhaps a little more often than may be ideal...she will get fed up with my inanities!

This bright friendly room has on site parking, and is in easy access of the motorways, and seems to me to be a great venue for the North-west..

I had fun there today, even though I was only looking and not sewing! and here is a selection of views round the place, showing work she has done for workshops, as well as inspirational books, and fabric available to buy, for the project she had arranged on the day!

the usual gubbins! we all have to have a place.... 


DIane Warburton said...

Thanks so much for this post about my happy place. You have managed to give your readers a clear view of what goes on at the studio and how they can become a part of this sew-a-holics community. People like you are exactly the reason I started the business ; to meet fun people who enjoy what I enjoy.

Janine said...

That looks wonderful! I think you may have found a second home :)

Archie the wonder dog said...

Sounds like a great place to go!

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