Saturday, 5 March 2016

Bee blocks

December, January and February  seem to have come and gone before I could even blink, but bee blocks were made and sent

This is November's block, delayed until I could get to it in December. It is the 'WantaFanta' block,  It was easy to make and en masse it will be a lovely quilt. Hot pinks were added from stash, with our queen bee supplying the white.

Then our January queen requested this pineapple, as she is making a wedding quilt for her sister. It is a large block, but again, when all contributions are in, she will have the makings of a lovely quilt.

Sadly February's queen decided she needed a month off, rather than thinking what we should all make for her... I feel I owe her something, she has been right in there for everyone, and made all blocks promptly and with imagination... I shall put my thinking cap on for her, as she is a love. ( you know who you are!)

 And this is what our March queen bee has asked for. A simple but effective block that went together so easily, you just would not believe! And some very pretty fabric popped itself into the envelope beside it, to go into our stash..

Stay tuned, Karen Lewis coming up.....shortly!

1 comment:

Archie the wonder dog said...

I love that March block!

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