Monday, 20 June 2016

Thank you gift

 I went to Bonn at Whit bank holiday. Well, you see I have a friend over there, who puts up with me going, taking over her sewing machine, using her fabrics and generally making a nuisance of myself...
And while I was there she was involved in a workshop on Flying Geese.. 
and I was allowed to join these wonderful ladies. Everyone made their own take on the geese, and what they would do with their geese... But, of course, everyone brought their own sewing machine... except this strange visitor from overseas.

 She could not quite manage a machine in the hand luggage only.

But one lovely lady brought a spare, so I could also sew. I think what she did was, she brought her old and her new machine, and she used her old one and gave me the use of her new one! The kindness I received in Germany, I just do not know how to express it! it is just incredible.

So, a small thank you seemed appropriate.
If you pop across to her blog, you will see that she is quite a fan of neutrals, and does amazing things with her neutrals, so I felt a pincusion to attach to her machine was a half an idea- well I looked at her pile of pins next to her machine, and just, well it felt like the thing to do... So, I dug in my neutrals and produced this one, which she has now received. I think it may see some use.

Thank you lovely ladies for making me feel so welcome.


Malu said...

Dear Rachel,

It was great to meet you at the workshop and since you helped out with the candles it was my pleasure to give you my sewing machine. I was therefore so surprised to open your package and find this gorgeous needle cushion. The cushion is so perfect and already in good use. I will send a foto to you.
Greetings from Bonn,

Archie the wonder dog said...

Great idea!

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