Saturday, 27 August 2016

Swap time again

I took part in another wee swap. A secret swap, so, I am afraid I did not post pictures as it went along, but now that my partner has received her package, I can show all.

 The swap criterion was tiny! No more than 6 inches in any dimension.  I had several ideas, and eventually settled on this version, using strips, and portholes and applique.
Strange, I do not think I am fond of doing applique, but I do like the end result, so I seem to do it rather more often than might be expected..
Now, this wee cat is reaching down, and she needed something to reach for..Perhaps a butterfly?

And then, any mini needs a back... 

 This back felt about right, and that is the label there at the bottom corner.

My partner had expressed a fondness for needle books, in her details, so for a wee addition, making a needle book felt rather apt. I had seen Lucy's 'Stitchy pie'
 but I did not really want to use someone else's pattern. So, I thought I might adapt the concept, and devised this one. It started as a circle, and then I scalloped the edges, to make more of a flower shape.

Felt on the inside, and a Kam snap to fasten it closed,

 and I felt it was a usable needle book.

A few more tiny extras and we are done!

I am eagerly watching the post, to see when I get a surprise mini quilt... Hurry up Mr Postie!

1 comment:

DIane Warburton said...

Has the mini quilt arrived yet?!
I hope she loved your swops as they're lovely - the cat is so clever and with a great backing too!

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