Monday, 26 September 2016

Coastal thoughts

So the latest swap theme is 'Coastal'

Lots of thoughts of seaside scenes ran through my head, but my partner seems to have a great love of FPP.
I am not the greatest lover of FPP, but well, yes, I can do the technique...
so what can we find to FPP for her?

A sailing ship, free from, well, I am not sure just now...  Ok, I googled it again... Piece by number

The  finished item is about 6" square.
This mini was to be from 9" upward.. maximum 18",  so it needs a bit of something to widen it a tad.
It also required some rolling waves to sail upon,
 I felt that a 'snail trail' in the right colours was  a good start, three 4" finished waves should support my ship well.

Then a mermaid just begged to join the fun.
And had to audition a background to swim upon...

And she needed a lighthouse- I know, she told me so-  and some smaller snail trails at the top finished the job. 

The centre of those top ones is 3/4" made up of four small squares each 3/8" finished... But, oh, I do like the look of it!

And then a small extra, fabric basket got added to the quilt to be sent off to... aaah! now I wonder where it is going?    That would be telling!
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