Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Those Christmas makes..

A request was made, for a cushion cover starring a beach scene. Well, I had done something like this before, so, lets get to it... 

and the back- quite simple,  so that was the first gift made this Christmas.

Someone else wanted an apron. Do you recall, a few years ago, some duck themed kitchen accessories?

A matching apron seemed suitable, so this little creation materialised, I almost never throw stuff out if there is a remote chance of it's being pressed into service once more, so, an apron gift was made.

And I saw a tutorial, for making a zippy pouch, mainly using the overlocker, including zip insertion with the overlocker- I kid you not, these zips went in using the overlocker!  Yes, topstitching was on the flatbed, but they were quick and simple to make.... one for a daughter, one for a son's girlfriend- yes she is a dream, she sews too!

And then, I could not leave my other daughter out- she gets a matching cushion , to go with the quilt she had for her birthday. 

no, she really doesn't like hedgehogs, you know....   I love this hedgehog fabric, with it's subtle colours.   
And she seemed quite pleased too!

I had less sewing time than I wished for, as I was ( and still am ) knee deep in costume making... 

Sneak peeks? 

 a bit of a pig, just 'cos it is BIG
 Some real silk in this one, bliss!

No silk here, but still gorgeous! Are you not jealous of my being able to sew with such lovely fabrics!


cheeky monkey said...

Lovely Christmas presents and amazing costumes! There are some lucky people around you! Happy Christmas

Diane-crewe said...

isn't it just sooo much to be able to make what has been requested xx lovely sunny beach xx

Diane Warburton said...

The hedgehogs tell me straight away who that cushion cover was for!
I have to admit to not liking the sound of doing zips on an overlocker but that's because I'm a wimp. I can see you nailed that trick completely though!

I need to email you about charity stitchy nights too. Watch that inbox! Although don't hold your breath, although you know that with me! x

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