Friday, 29 December 2017

For this Christmas...

Warning, quite a few pics!

Somebody's tote from a few years ago was so well loved that it really needed a quiet retirement. However, a replacement was needed first.

 details from inside..

Someone else needed a different type of bag, this one for the second daughter. 

and an inside shot of this one, too. 

The fabrics were bought at Abakhan, and at Dunelm Mill. 
And the third bag

made with love for the super creative  partner of my son.

and a wee inside shot here too.

I shall come back to show what has arrived with me, later...

These bags are Noodlehead's supertote, and her 2 for 1 tote, and Malibu Satchel from Fabric Mutt. 


Diane-crewe said...

can never have too many pictures ... of crafting! lol x

Katrina said...

A wonderful set of bags - and such good taste in colours ;-)

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