Monday, 11 July 2011


Ok I already have a blog, so why start again? I suppose the other one was really started for the purpose of recording the garden, but it spread into sewing. I thought I could do with a separate place for sewing stuff. So this is it.

I started watching Amanda at crazymomquilts last autumn, and this year I thought I would be really daft and try out the skill builder at Sewn. I am going to have to work a lot of stuff out now, as I will need to learn how to add addresses and buttons to the blog. It will be good practise!
So all those blocks you see come from the skill builder.
There is a nice button on this site to add to say I am trying to participate but I have yet to work that one out!So I am also going to put in my ha'porth for some giveaways, you never know someone has to be lucky!

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