Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Historic projects

 Two years ago, my daughter's high school leaving do, the bolero was a last minute addition, as we couldn't find a shawl to go with the dress.

 My neighbour had a baby girl, Olivia, and my receptionists niece also had a baby girl!

and a school friend became Grandma to a baby boy!
I thought the outfits were quite sweet!

and this tear my younger daughter left college, so another prom dress!

and this time I made the bag and the shawl to go with the dress. They must have been good as the bag and the shawl were stolen at the do! Her purse was emptied and she got that back, but the bag is gone. And I suspect we will never see the shawl again. It was the first time I had inserted magnetic snaps, and I was pleased with how they went in. a small bit of back detail- covered buttonslook so good!

And I also made a bag for a friend, and gave her the instructions so she can do it herself!

At a later date I will try to find the prom dress made for my elder daughter, about six years ago. But that is enough for now!


Pam said...

What a lovely bag to match the prom dress, but how awful that it was stolen. Love all the internal pockets on the ruffled bag. I haven't done an internal zippered pocket yet, but it's on my to to list. It's a great bag!!!

Christie said...

Such magnificent creations! What a shame that beautiful shawl and bag were taken!

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