Saturday, 27 August 2011

catching up blocks!

catching up time! Well we will see if I can...

              This is Arizona Star. Lots of fiddly half square triangles!                                and Bow Tie to follow
. Ok the computer is not exactly co-operating just now so this is going to be worse than usual....

  Cows are for a special project!

this is the Virginia Star- I will have to check these labels as I may be getting them the wrong way round.....

detail of a point which worked!
and a corner which pleased me!

and the next block is     being difficult, and refuses to load, I shall come back later to sort it!

This is the 'breaking out block. For some reason, I found this a very difficult block, and it has ended up a tad small. I shall have to be very careful when sewing this one into the finished quilt top. I also got it very wrong, in that I planned to have the dark geese in the middle, and they ended up on the outside. But I really like it..... so serendipity.

the blocks thus far
all except 'breaking out'

There are a couple more cow blocks, and I must get on with the rest of them!
cows in the garden?

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Cindy said...

Hi! I am sorry to contact you via your comments, but you were a no reply blogger when leaving a comment on Fluffy Sheep Quilting RE the swap.

I am so sorry, but we've already assigned all of the partners, so it s too late for anyone to jump in. I would love it if you joined in next time ;)

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