Sunday, 28 August 2011

It's a wrap!

flying geese, points working!

points on star- not working!
The latest block, which I really enjoyed making.
Do I dare confess though? I didn't use any of the methods we were being taught! Oh shame!
Instead I used a method I came across from  piecemealquilts.. She gives a lovely tutorial on her methods on a post on May 25th this year. I used her 'dimensional method'. It gives a beautifully crisp goose, with only one seam, but is a little bulky, and uses as much fabric as the corner to corner method. And I am obviously not accurate enough to get really good points on my star.

I think I will do another of these blocks, using the corner to corner method, and putting the border the other way out. Leila was right though, the colour choice is incredibly important on this one!

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