Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Catching up!

What would you understand given the instruction, 'Gelati colours' ?

This was the colour instruction for these blocks. 14", an unusual size, and this 'gelati'  word. On white.

To me, gelati is icecream, and the colours would be creamy, soft shades, but the starter block was in rich greens and blues. So, I thought I should wait and get my sticky paws on it to see what the colours were really like, before I added my mite.
The starter is that one, third row down, and second from the left, a pretty Dresden plate.

So, this is my one. I think it works from the point of view of the colours, I just have a blind spot which says, this is not icecream..But it will be a wonderful vibrant quilt, when it finally gets home.

making that block?   Ok, I winged it... I started with the centre, and just added until I reached a sensible size, and then, stopped. And added that white border.

Ok, let's try to get parcels in the post! Soon.


moira said...

I hear you about the gelati. I picked out the grands that most used and went with that. Love your block x

JoZart said...

Gorgeous colour range and some super blocks too. Your's is lovely and slots in very well.
As for ice cream colours... it comes in quite some shades these days and the latest, whilst recently in Germany, was a bright turquoise blue called "Squashed Smurfs"!!! I resisted in favour of Kirch flavour with it's gorgeous cherry pieces and rich cerise colour.
Jo x

cheeky monkey said...

Sounds funny! All the blocks look lovely

Sarah said...

Whatever the colour scheme should be your block looks brilliant!

Janine said...

These are certainly gorgeous colours whatever they're called! Your block goes perfectly :)

Caroline said...

So I had to google it, seems gelati means pastels - looks like yours fits in perfectly!

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