Friday, 25 October 2013

postal surprises..

Who can sew curves, really beautifully? And make a gorgeous mini quilt, with such lovely curved seams, all lying as flat as they should? and then quilt the curves with a lovely modern style, following the curves and really making an item to love? 

And then post that off to a friend, who has not got a clue that it is heading her way! to that friend, as an unexpected surprise!

I can tell you who! it is a lovely lady blogging over at Mail from the Cheeky Monkeys

I can tell you who was shocked and delighted too!


I was so pleased to receive this wonderful gift! I remember commenting on the blog post where my lovely friend showed this little piece of art, and I remember thinking, someone would be very lucky when it popped through their door- but I did not expect to be the lucky one!

The block she has done here is the mango block, which can be found at a quilters table- another lovely blog which is worth looking in at!

So, what has been lovely in your life today? 


cheeky monkey said...

I am glad I could give you something in return! It was a pleasure to make this one just for you. I am so happy you love it! Thank you

Fabraholic said...

What a lovely surprise! I'm so happy for you! Anneliese is a sweetie :-)

Caroline said...

Very nice! Lucky duck!

Lynz said...

Aw, how lovely! I mean, the sentiment and actual gifting is SO nice but the actual mini is sublime!! Lucky ducky.

Catherine said...

What an amazing thing to have popped through your letterbox!

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said...

Curves - wow! She did a superb job - and reversible too! Lucky you!

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