Wednesday, 6 November 2013

day off

 The Hipbee block for this month was set by Catherine. She chose this very pretty block, called Jared Takes a wife, which had really clear instructions, at Quiltville.

Catherine made it really easy, providing fabric already cut into appropriate strips and squares.

It is, however, quite surprising how easily I can sew two pieces together, intending to make that pointy bit, and get it wrong!

My trusty little seam ripper got rather more exercise than I would have preferred.

In fact one of those little pointy numbers was taken apart 3 times...

I can't wait to see what the other colourways are!

We are coming towards the end of our round the world trip  quilt and there are only a few more blocks to go. The last but one for me is entitled ' Twelve bar blues' . An all blue 12.5" unfinished block is requested, so I came up with this, 

Again, this is the result of fiddling about with a piece of paper, whilst watching television. But, I think it fits the brief. And then, as I had nothing better to do ( cough, cough) I just felt like making the next one. 

Those three dimensional blocks are so addictive....


  1. You were busy! Love Catherine's blocks. Need to tackle mine early next week.

  2. The blocks look lovely. Guess I will be needing my seam ripper too.

  3. I like your twelve bars blue block, may have to give it a whirl ;)

  4. Bee blocks looking perfect Mamma Fairy. I'm a little worried though if an expert like you had to. Teak out the seam ripper! Any tips?


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