Friday, 1 November 2013

So the next block for travelling the world is one which should end up in Switzerland. 
Ursi wanted neutral blocks with a 'pop' of colour. 
The size she asked for was unusual, 13" unfinished. So that adds up to 12.5" finished size. Which just neatly divides by 5, giving  rows and columns of 2.5" each, ( plus seam allowance, 3" each) 

So I sat down and watched a bit of television with a notepad on my knee, and scribbled 5 by 5 squares, and doodled in them. 
An hour later I had decided to put in some flying geese, and a small square in the centre, to give my pop. 
This may be  a block someone else has designed previously, but even if it is, I made it up my own self, so it is my block. 
And it looks fine with all its friends..

1 comment:

Caroline said...

These are so much fun! Very cool block!

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