Wednesday, 12 February 2014

spring is coming... slowly!

Some early signs of spring..
 Winter flowering honeysuckle,

Rhubarb starting again!

And snowdrops are out!

And, yes, I have done a little sewing too!

The February hipbee block was chosen by Di, She chose a really pretty block, and sent us all we needed, including comprehensive instructions.

Now, I have to say the instructions were extremely good, and clear. I read them twice before I started in on her beautiful fabric. I am fairly careful cutting, as I also do dressmaking, and two right sleeves when you need one left and one right really does not work. You do have to check and cut correctly.

So, can you explain why I had a brainstorm, and sewed a section wrong. Four times over?  and did not realise until I had irrevocably chopped it, and was trying to make the piecing work?

Luckily I was able to get replacement fabric, and carefully unpick the triangles on the end, and resew correctly!

You see those two pieces on the left there? Top one is correct, lower one is the wrong way round!

Thank goodness it was sortable! no, I know that is not English, but it works for me!

so once I had my four pieces like this, we were sailing!

 and I was really chuffed with those centre points.... Let us draw a veil over the earlier disaster..

and the finished block, Ok, not perfect, but I think it will have to do!


Diane-crewe said...

wow! Thats a block and a half!!! hope you are staying safe in this awful weather x

Indianna said...

Great block and it's true spring is near...we saw frog spawn on Dartmoor last Friday!

Second Chance Tan said...

oh crikey I am panicking about that block now! yours looks great x

mumasu said...

Rachel, your block looks great, I'd be pretty damn chuffed if those points were mine. I find sometimes if I make a mistake I will do it over and over till I'm nearly banging my head on the wall.

Isisjem said...

Your block looks fab in the end. We all have oopsy moment with sewing. It's just added pressure when they're other people's blocks!

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