Wednesday, 26 February 2014

First ladybird of the year

I spotted my first ladybird... sadly, I also spotted my first lily beetle..
 lurking amongst the dried stems of the garden geranium,

and lots of little scraps of colour, too
 double primula,

and picotee primula,

 pretty purple crocus,

dainty little dutch iris,

and the first of my scillas is also out, with promises from friends to come, too..

and also some very strange fungi,  these black hard looking blobby things on an old field maple stump.

Edited to add, I think this is called 'King Alfreds cakes', or , more prosaically, Cramp Balls!

so, yes a good bit of today was spent in the garden, digging over one of my weed beds.. and now I am thinking what to put in to replace all those weeds I removed...


Diane-crewe said...

wonderful colours in your garden xx we all need a little colour at this time of year x

the running hare said...

My garden is like a pond, so no chance of doing any gardening until it's a little drier. I have the dreaded lily beetle too!. I spend a long time crushing them..

Janine said...

My garden is like a pond too! Nice to see your sweet flowers and the ladybird :)

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