Sunday, 5 October 2014


My camera now works intermittently, and as and when it feels like it.. so I have a few pictures to share again!
 Yes, there is a person buried up to the neck in net! scramble gathering it ready for application to tutu bodices.. Beware! When you come to visit me you may well be pressed into service!
 Armband kindly modelled by my son... It requires some modification..

And while I was awaiting verdicts on armband styles, I was able to get on with a much delayed Bee block.
I had already done this one- not photographed, due to temperamental camera action, but I had been able to make it. And then I got stuck.

I wanted to make at least one other block, but ideas were not announcing themselves with traditional gusto!

But today! I was filled with the desire- most unnatural, as I hate FPP- to FPP a tiny Christmas tree!

The block will end up 3" finished.
I planned it, I modified it, I glared and stared at it, and then.......

I decided I better just get on and do the thing!

 Of course, it refused to pose for a picture on its own!. Too bright and glary- cannot see a thing...

Too shaky, still not seeing a lot!

Strange that it was later quite content to be in a group photo! Camera shy blocks- what would you believe!

So after that, I did an applique star to complete a set!

Hope she likes them!


Janine said...

Gorgeous Christmas blocks and very nice of your son to model the arm band. I hope you emerge from under all those tutus soon :)

cheeky monkey said...

She does not need to hide and isn't it nice to sew in company? I am sure you had a great time! Hope the tutus are soon done.

Diane-crewe said...

I am sure she will LOVE them x Good luck with all those tu-tu's xxx .. shame cant come and help xx He-He x

the running hare said...

Good idea to enlist some help with all those tutu's! Is the end in sight?

Craftycreate said...

Love your Gorgeous Christmas Blocks so colourful

Archie the wonder dog said...

I love that little tree, even if he is camera shy! Hope the tutus are finished now!

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