Sunday, 2 November 2014

And Breathe

Ok, the bulk of the tutus are with the dance school, and then I got a call... one more please! So, that is prepared, ready for fitting, and should get finished this week, and then I can relax properly.
Meanwhile, I have also done a bee block,
The Fat Stash Brit Bee last month was Square in a square blocks, with pretty geometric blue fabrics, to which we could add, any of our own blues, and one square of RED! Four small blocks, which we could assemble into a strip, or a square, or just leave so. We were sent a paper pieced pattern link, and could just get on with it.
So, that one out of the way, at the last gasp of October, I could turn the brain in other directions...  Ok, I admit it, I fell.... The other odd group I have joined, in good company, I hasten to add, is the Lazy Bums. And an idea was conceived, that we could, as many as wanted to join in, do a relaxed bee. Each of us decide what we wanted to appear, and post notes about it, colour, design, niggles and so on, and make for each other from our own stash, all at the same time. So, no turn taking, but over about a year make for everyone, and receive a block from everyone else. Make sense so far?
Not I must do for Mrs A this month, but rather, some time in the next year I shall do a block for each person, and send.
So, then you must decide what you want. It is a right mixture, some FPP blocks, some 'in house' designed blocks, and some fairly standard. And the group criterion? There MUST be flying geese somewhere in the block!

A list has been made, with everyone's details and what is required... and I made a block, and even- shock horror, did instructions! Weyhey!

I originally designed this for JoJo, about a year or so ago, It looked very different in her colours, 
but it is the same block. So, I thought, why not use it, and see what comes back. 
This time though, all in yellow and grey... 
So, you may see a few more of these popping up over the next few months!

The instructions?  for a 12" block-

Rachels Geese!

No waste method-
use a Goose square ( yellow)     5 1/4
Grey squares       2 7/8

Normal method
Yellow  4 ½” x 2 ½”
Grey 2 ½” squares

Make 12 goose units by whichever method you choose.
Also cut 4 strips 6 ½” x 2 ½” for the edges.

Please make geese in your favourite way!
You will need 12 geese in total. I do not mind if all geese are different, or all geese are the same, or you have a mixture, but, geese should be yellow, with grey skies.
I was playing, and expect to use other geese elsewhere...
So, play with your pieces!

yes, I made 16... I was not sure how I wanted to set them out, so I made spares! ok? 

  and choose your layout...
after checking out the options...
   then sew your centre geese into blocks of two  geese, and

  then sew your centre geese onto blocks of two  geese, and then sew two blocks together,
then sew two blocks together, and sew the central block of 8 geese into a square block. Press carefully!

then sew one geese unit onto each of the 4 strips. make sure it is at the correct end...

The next bit requires a partial seam.
Align the end of your strip with the top right hand edge of the centre block, and sew down to about an inch from the bottom edge of the  central geese block. Press the top half of this strip open,  (sorry for glary picture!).

Rotate the block 90◦ clockwise and the next strip should neatly fit onto the side, and you can sew the whole length. 

Press open, and rotate again. 

 Once strip 4 is attached, go back and finish the seam from the first side. 

Press and Voila! Block done!


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Great bee blocks, the yellow and grey is a lovely combination!

the running hare said...

It's a lovely block, so I'm not surprised you've used it again!

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