Saturday, 8 November 2014

Freeze your Bees?

We have a select group making flying geese blocks to swap.. different ones want different blocks in different colours...

I have started!

You know me. I am not a fan of FPP. But this block, and several others this time, are FPP.

So, there is a method out there, for doing these using freezer paper.. and NOT sewing through the paper, therefore, not needing to rip it off, and not needing to throw reams of paper in the bin. So, I gave it a go.

Shades of blue with light neutrals for background, and scrappy..

This is the first one. For lovely Lizzie. I await her verdict.

so, then I can use the backing paper again! so I did.

Stitching slowly, to keep the needle right next to that sewing line, without sewing the paper..

and producing the same block again, but this time in colours for May! Rich jewel colours have been requested. and a variety of neutral backgrounds. 

 I think I can use that piece of paper again...

So, what tips can I give you, on freezer paper FPP?

If your printer heats up the paper will jam inside your printer and you will print maybe half the page.

wait until it has cooled down before you attempt to unstick it.
No, do not ask me how I found that out. Use your imagination.
so, if your printer is like mine, print on normal paper, and trace the design!
and be patient with yourself. There is still the same issue with placements of fabrics to get the right coverage while minimising waste..


Sarah said...

I am not a fan of FPP either and certainly take heed of your printer advice! Your geese have nice pointy beaks though.

Beth said...

It's because it's a laser printer. It works fine through deskjets I believe!

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