Monday, 25 May 2015


A very cheeky chappie came a knocking...

 Can you see him peering in at my window?

I love my little birds, I know too little about them, but I do know I have plenty of different ones in my garden. I have a 'menage a quatre' with some robins, they all get along at present, and no, it is not Mum Dad and offspring, they are all fully adults, and appear to be friends.
I have the usual variety of tits, sparrows, blackbird and thrush (mistle thrush as well as song thrush- have you heard the racket the mistle thrush makes? ), and sometimes see wrens.

Until yesterday I had never seen a goldcrest. A few days ago my DH told me a small bird had been at the window, sort of grey but a yellow stripe on it's head- well, what else could it be? I was only sort of cross because he had seen it, and not me. Until my little friend here came entertaining at the window.

He spent all morning and a good bit of the afternoon in the end, every time I thought he had gone, he was back again!

Sorry, the pictures are not wonderful, but he was seldom still, and the first ones are taken through glass.. Later he happily allowed me within 10 feet of him, but I have cropped the images, and blown them up, so they are grainy..

Amn't I lucky?


Isisjem said...

Yes you're lucky! Haven't seen one this year yet. Although I have heard them. They're fiesty little fellows too.

Archie the wonder dog said...


Janine said...

These are great pictures. He's a delightful little bird :)

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