Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Black Sheep again

Black Sheep have put up details of the bee on their blog, and they are asking folk to vote for their favourite.

My bag

Ali's tote

Lucy's cushion

Di's boxes

Barbara's wrap

And Jo's rainbow bag

Please, go to the Black Sheep blog, and have a look, and decide which one you would vote for... You can vote on Instagram, facebook or Pinterest.

I think all the projects are good ones and you should enjoy looking, and vote for your favourite!  They are all so different, I am almost glad that my lack of facebook and so on means I would be unable to vote anyway!

We are all winners anyway as we had a fabulous day!

Thank you Black Sheep!

1 comment:

JoZart Quilts said...

Nice memories seeing all the pics again of such a great day. I too never bother with anything other than blogging but everyone was so lovely and all the projects are deserving so hey ho! Whoever wins is just the lucky one!
jo x

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