Sunday, 26 July 2015


To me!

I arrived home from work on Friday to find a package awaiting.. Inside beautiful flowers, all in shades of yellow and white. I added some Lady's mantle and some osmanthus from the garden, and filled this vessel, which now sits in my hallway, and also....

This one, which is currently cheering my living room.

These were a thank You, for having made the bridesmaids dresses for that recent wedding.

I had the joy of making, and I also got flowers! Win-win!

 Then yesterday, at work, this amazing piece arrived!

A candle tree made by an elderly gentleman, from bits in his garden, just for me!
You must excuse the background, my usual chaos reigns... 

I am impressed with the loving patience this man put in to make something just for me! He has varnished it exceedingly thoroughly, which brings out the colour of the wood.

I think it is likely to come out at Christmas, for the future. Once I have stopped smiling every time I look at it, it will go away until then!

I have had a good week! I hope your week was equally good!


Oh! sewing!

Only a little and sort of secret...

here is a little sneaky peek!

All will, eventually be revealed...

Sunday, 12 July 2015

beeing good!

I managed to get Hazels in the post, and they have arrived with their new host! I was waiting to send my daughters Hazels along with mine..

these two are mine,

and with the addition of the other two, will make a lovely contribution to our bee queen's Hazel quilt..

 and I also managed to get going on July's bee task. We were asked for portholes.

I love doing portholes, I do not know why, but I find them most satisfying...

I was sent this fabric..

added a few pieces from my own stash...

and made a start... 

a little trimming to come, and we shall have a block!  I love how Nikki has  asked to use the same colour in the one block. She has some of us making blue, others orange, and doubtless others will be using different colours again.. I am really looking forward to seeing this one!

Updated to say, joining in with Mrs Sewandsow's scraptastic Tuesday!

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Bonny bridesmaids...

Following on from yesterday, here are the girls. Sorry I have no picture with the two of them together..
 pretty bridesmaid number one!

and dress number two, before I sewed those side seams..

Two very different dresses, using the same fabrics...

Friday, 10 July 2015

wedding at the zoo?

So, my daughter is to be one of the bridesmaid, but I got to make both the dresses! Lucky me! The fabric is so pretty... now the wedding is tomorrow... so I shall not show you the whole dresses before then... But I can share a couple of details... some will have seen these already on flickr...
 Invisible zip foot works so well!

It is so good to be able to say, 'I did that!' 

Linking to Finish it up Friday, with Crazy Mom quilts

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