Wednesday, 28 September 2016

More Happy Post

My Coastal swap quilt arrived! Am I happy? Yes, I am thrilled! Would you like a wee look see? Of course!

This amazing batik fabric scene turned up for me!
It is perfect, I am so pleased with it, I cannot tell you!
and I was sent some 'extras' Extras are  fun, andbut my lovely partner, miniature quilter, was very generous, 

 this was the package that came,   Funny little bits, like the shaker cards, and the little charms, and a delightful mini charm pack, and a coral patterned hand towel.

Thank you partner, I was chuffed to bits- or as my receptionist says, 'Chuffed as meatballs!'  No, I don';t know why either!
 And this is how that cushion cover has come up, now it has new backing. The central tapestry stle bit was made by Mum, from a kit sometime 20 or 30 years ago. The kit was, I think, by 'Jane Rainbow'.

I do not know if they are still available, or if anything similar exists, but the quality must have been good, as it is still in quite good nick.

so, I returned this one, and brought it's friend home...

A bit more subtle, but still beautiful.

And this one will soon trot across to it's old home, all freshly backed and ready for more action!

Somewhere I also have one I made... I think it is time I dug it out and turned it into a cushion, as was originally intended... 

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

happy postReceived

A mystery swap means you are just not certain what you are getting , or from whom it will come...  I was the lucky recipient of this cheerful teeny tiny!

the kind Deanna sent me this package, with a tiny mini charm pack- I think a lot of us sent mini charms- it was just too appropriate to not!
She put in a lot of thought to this, and hand embroidered pine trees on the slopes, and a lovely sun peeking over those mountain tops!

Thank you Deanna! I love this mini!

Monday, 26 September 2016

Coastal thoughts

So the latest swap theme is 'Coastal'

Lots of thoughts of seaside scenes ran through my head, but my partner seems to have a great love of FPP.
I am not the greatest lover of FPP, but well, yes, I can do the technique...
so what can we find to FPP for her?

A sailing ship, free from, well, I am not sure just now...  Ok, I googled it again... Piece by number

The  finished item is about 6" square.
This mini was to be from 9" upward.. maximum 18",  so it needs a bit of something to widen it a tad.
It also required some rolling waves to sail upon,
 I felt that a 'snail trail' in the right colours was  a good start, three 4" finished waves should support my ship well.

Then a mermaid just begged to join the fun.
And had to audition a background to swim upon...

And she needed a lighthouse- I know, she told me so-  and some smaller snail trails at the top finished the job. 

The centre of those top ones is 3/4" made up of four small squares each 3/8" finished... But, oh, I do like the look of it!

And then a small extra, fabric basket got added to the quilt to be sent off to... aaah! now I wonder where it is going?    That would be telling!

Sunday, 25 September 2016

After twenty years or so...

Your cushion cover may well get a bit tired?

Mum's did anyway, so I unpicked the central wool embroidered bit, and trotted off to a local emporium to get some new cushion cover fabric to mount it on

So I have got some rather different green fabric to make the back of  the cushion this time. If it wears another twenty years I shall not be unhappy. 

And then, this evening I made a baby 'bunting'. My DD's bestie is expecting a small addition, so she asked me to produce a cosy fleecy 'outer' for littley. And here it is. It went together really well, I got back from a friend's about quarter to six, and this was done in time  for a latish supper! Maybe 2 hours work? 

I zigzagged down the seams at the shoulders, to sort of tidy the seams on the inside and  make a feature of the seams. 

I hope the wee scrap gets plenty of use from this one!
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