Tuesday, 14 February 2017

A book to enjoy

I received a few gifts at Christmas, yes, I know it was a loooong time ago, now, and I had not put them down here. The home made, and home designed gifts, that is.

Amongst these came a book. This is a special little book. Carefully designed and made by my elder daughter.

First, it has squared paper on the inside. So, I can use it for designing. I can use it to design quilt blocks, or layouts. I could use it to design knitting patterns, whether fair isle, or lace patterns. Except I am too idle to design knitting motifs.

And, the pages lay flat when the book is open. So I am not having to anchor it down. It just sits!

Then, she has divided it into 'chunks' I am sure there is a technical term for this, and the magic Babylonian figure of 8 is involved, as with any normal book. Each chunk has a plain light coloured outer, so I could easily divide my projects.
Nicely done, thank you!

And she has chosen a pretty fabric to cover my book.

And here is a view of the spine. Hand stitched finish on it.

Thank you Kitty!

If you wish to get hold of a similar book, she is also now making and selling these on Etsy, along with one or two other bits and pieces. Go take a look.

She even does project bags and matching 'knit books'.

Thanks, darling!

1 comment:

Diane-crewe said...

what a wonderful present .. has obviously inherited mothers "crafty" genes xx .. Will go over and have a look at her shop x

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