Thursday, 16 February 2017

Where else?

Do you remember this? You may not, as I bought it whenever we went to Thailand- which was when my BiL got married, which was??  You get the idea. I cannot recall when it was, and, actually, I would not be certain I showed a picture of it before, so, perhaps your memory lapse is forgiveable...

Yes, well, it has sat in my stash for a year or so... Since 2011. 

I have a yen to make a jacket from it. It is an odd width- probably to do with it being silk, of course, so it is about 40" wide, and there is about 2 yards of it. So, careful cutting and I should be OK. 

It does need a lining though, so off we went and got some shot taffeta as the lining. Well, that pretty silk deserves a pretty lining!

Where could you go, at no notice, and pull out fabric, and say, 'well, what do you think? Is this okay for a jacket? '

Yes, I noticed Diane was in at Stitchscape, so I bobbed in, just to see her and show the fabric. She is a treasure, and made all the right noises ( 'Perhaps Rachel will go away and leave this behing, if I am good' type of noises, 'I think it is my colour' type noises, you know). 

So I spent a few minutes there, before leaving her to get on with it. And now, I am back to try to get on with it. Having the, I only have this bit of fabric, and if I get it wrong, that is my lot, type of mental conversation with myself... 

But it will not make itself, so wish me luck!

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